Stay Inspired With These 6 Insta Accounts

As we approach the end of January, a few of us may well have already broken those New Year’s resolutions. If you too are thinking, ‘yep, that’s me’, fear not, as we know some inspirational, and motivational accounts that may just help you get you back on track after a little scroll through. From getting fitter and getting out more, to travelling further and re-creating your style, the people behind the social media handles below will give you that positive push in the direction you need.

If you’re in Oman…

…and you’ve been meaning to update your wardrobe for a while now

This Creative Director knows just how to create a good look. From her beautiful make up to her impeccable style, @beinglayla_a will provide you with some serious wardrobe envy, and may just well encourage you to throw out all the old things in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in a while – well, it was one of your New Year’s resolutions, right?

…and you have the urge to see more of your country

How often do we look to book a trip to far away countries, when we haven’t even explored our own? Allow Renee, behind @travel2oman to introduce you to all of the hidden gems that you may not yet have had the pleasure of experiencing. Ras Al Jinz on your travel list, but you’ve never quite made it there? Check out the beauty of it below.

…and you need some motivation to get you into the gym

One crossfit lover that holds the power to motivate anyone to jump out of bed and into their gym kit has to be Marhoobi, (see @marhobis_crossfitcw). From training videos, to pictures of him competing, receive all the motivation you need to get stronger this year by scrolling through his feed.

If you’re in Bahrain…

…but you want to explore more of the world

From Taiwan to Portugal, take a leaf out of Nouf’s book (or Instagram @noufalhermi) and make your dreams a reality by exploring all of the places you’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t yet had the chance to.

…and you’re bored of making the dinner every night

Whether it’s massive old milkshakes you want to sip on, or humongous burgers, treat yourself by not preparing the food for once, and explore one of the many restaurants @3li_t highly rates!

…and you want to work on your fitness levels

This Ironman provides us with all the motivation we need to jump up and out of bed early (even on weekends), with his mix up of cardio, weight training, and water sports activities. We’ll get to it right now, promise! Thanks @ahmed_almadani for inspiring us!