Have You Had Enough Of These 5 Things, Qatar?

With living such busy lives in Qatar, there are some things we could all have a little extra help with. And these usually include things that we’ve had enough of doing. Whether that’s having dull hair, or paying a fortune to keep the kids busy, let your ENTERTAINER help you out.

How? Read on!

5 things you’ve had enough of

Planning a road trip, but not having the transport

Location: Various, including Hamad International Airport, Shangri-La Hotel, Doha & Abu Hamour

You want to take a road trip, but there’s one small problem: you don’t have a car. Cue: Strong Rent A Car. Just think how easy it will be to drive to your location of choice! Not to mention how happy you’ll be after saving half the price, by renting the car for one day, and receiving the second day for free.

Leaving your apartment to get dinner

Location: The Pearl Qatar

Super comfy? And can’t think of anything worse than getting up from the sofa, even though you’re really hungry? How would you like some tacos? Or fajitas, nachos, wings, and everything else you may be craving from your living room! This casual dining restaurant, Isla, focuses on the street food side of Mexican cuisine, and serves the most amazing guacamole (which you just have to try, alongside your complimentary main course). (Available for dine in, too).

Worrying about keeping your iPhone in pristine condition

Location: Doha Festival City & Mall of Qatar

When your shiny new phone lands in the palm of your hand, the last thing you want to do is scratch it. So, if you’ve had enough of worrying about how to keep it perfect, it might be worth taking a visit to Phonebooth, where you can pick up two iPhone cases for the price of one. When you’re bored of the first one, make it feel like a whole new phone again by swapping it for the second!

Paying a fortune to keep the kids entertained

Location: Various, including Barwa City, Al Khor Mall & Ezdan Mall, Ah Gharafa

When it comes to the weekends, it’s sometimes difficult to know how to keep the little ones busy. Fun Ville, however, provides kids aged 1-12 a platform for social interaction and active play, within a safe environment. And the best part? With your ENTERTAINER, you can receive 2 for 1 offers on a QAR 25 Powercard Cash Credit, meaning it’ll save you some money, too!

Here are five other ways to keep them happy, if you’re looking for a bit more inspiration!

Having flat, lifeless hair

Location: Duhail

Keep looking in the mirror and thinking you need a lift? It’s time to get that lift, in the form of a blow-dry, at Chic and Posh Beauty Lounge. Not only will you walk out feeling fabulous, you’ll feel ready to conquer the world. And you can go back for a second time, for free!

So, if like us, you’ve had enough of any/all of the above, let your ENTERTAINER make life a little easier…