“We’ve got an offer for that.”

First, let me be clear. This is not a lecture on how to set goals or resolutions. Neither is this a how-to guide on looking within, to examine which part of oneself needs the most improvement. LOL. Simply, we’d like to know what your 2018 resolutions are – because chances are, we’ve got an offer for that.

Your 2018 resolutions X ENTERTAINER offers

Resolution: Get healthier

Although that might sound highly unoriginal, we do get just the one body in this lifetime. Therefore it would serve us to look after it well. Yoga is great for stretching, conditioning, and mind-body connectivity. If you’re a total newbie, there’s an intimate, new studio I visited a couple of weeks ago in Causeway Bay. Grab 2 to 3 friends and book one of their semi-private classes. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.

Offer: 50% Off Semi-Private Class at Yoga Refine
Estimated Savings: $400

Resolution: Spend more quality time with loved ones

If better work-life balance is among your 2018 resolutions, we have several suggestions on what to do and where to go with your loved ones. Simply open your ENTERTAINER and go to the Attractions & Leisure category (tap the Camera icon). Voila! There’s a whole universe of fun activities you may pick from. My personal suggestion is a class in ABC Cooking Studio. It’s great for bonding. You’ll even get to eat what you cook – lol – and then soak in the buzzing creativity within PMQ afterwards.

Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Trial Lesson at ABC Cooking Studio
Estimated Savings: $280

Resolution: Travel more

It’s always time to feed your wanderlust. Have you checked out the new Getaways section on your ENTERTAINER? Simply tap Hotels Worldwide (the Suitcase icon). On the upper section, tap the “START BOOKING” button. I just did a quick search of hotel offers in Phuket over Chinese New Year and I found a whole bunch for around 50% off. No hidden or secret prices; they’re offered exclusively to ENTERTAINER members. And best of all, there are over 550,000 hotels listed worldwide. You’re welcome.

Offer: $4,041 on a Double Room Premier with Breakfast at Anantara Layan Phuket Resort
Estimated Savings:$3,876

Resolution: Make home or work improvements

Looking to spruce up your home or office? This one’s hot off the press; they just went live on the ENTERTAINER a few minutes ago… Head over to Homeless in Causeway Bay, stat. Who can resist an iconic Miffy product? It instantly brings a brighter, more whimsical and joyful feel to any corner. Shop your little heart out!

Offer: Save $200 on Mr. Maria Products at Homeless – Causeway Bay

Resolution: Spend less; live more

Save more on all the things you want and need to do. The ENTERTAINER is still on Early Bird until 31st January. There are over 600+ merchants offering unbeatable value everyday. I’ve personally saved over $12,800 since I became an ENTERTAINER member and am looking forward to saving even more this year on things like eating out, coffee, groceries, massages, facials, room nights and more. Like I said earlier – tell us what your 2018 resolutions are. Chances are, the ENTERTAINER has offers for that.

Offer: ENTERTAINER 2018 Early Bird $295 (RRP $495)
Savings: $200 + FREE Cheers & Bali


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