Ringin’ in 2018 with news ways to save

Happy New Year to us all, woohoo! And with the new year also comes 2018 app updates to the ENTERTAINER. This little article is meant to catch us all up on what’s new in the app – new ways to enjoy, new ways to save, new ways to experience more for less. Are you ready? We are!

The ENTERTAINER 2018 app updates

New categories

You’ll immediately see once you open the app that there are two, new categories: Fashion & Retail indicated by the Tag icon; and Everyday Services, indicated by the Gear icon. These categories will help us all save in things like clothing, grocery items, professional photography, suitcase rental and more. Go ahead and explore!

“Spend & Save” offers

This type of offer can be found in the Fashion & Retail category. Simply, “Spend” a certain amount of money and “Save” the amount indicated on the voucher. My favourites include vintage accent pieces from Common Room Home & Living, where I can get special bits and pieces to spruce up my flat and work desk.

Goodbye, personal PIN code!

You’ll love this – especially if, like me, you’re forgetful. No more personal PIN codes upon redemption from here on – hooray! Now, you only need to hand your phone over to the merchant at the moment of redemption, so they can input their PIN code. You’re welcome!

2018 ENTERTAINER App Updates - the ENTERTAINER Hong Kong

50% off Beauty & Fitness and Everyday Services

This has been around the past couple of months, but we’re including it here, anyway, as a refresher. All Beauty & Fitness (from your Home screen, tap the Heart icon) offers are now easier to use with our new, improved 50% off vouchers. This means I can instantly save 50% off on a haircut or massage or private yoga class, instead of having to wait for my second visit to enjoy a “get one free.”

Everyday Services (remember the new category indicated by the Gear icon I just showed you above?) highlights include 50% off deluxe family photography at Venture Studios, suitcase rental from Joyo, dog’s shave and shower from Fluffy Little Things, and many more.


Save more with Getaways

Among our 2018 app updates I’m most excited to share about this one. Looking at the 2018 list of public holidays plus my refreshed set of annual leaves, I’ve already started planning some of my 2018 travels. Within our Hotels Worldwide category (indicated by the Suitcase icon), there are now two sections. You’re of course familiar with the “Buy One Room Night, Get One Room Night Free” offers. You may still access and enjoy those by tapping on the “View Offers” tab within Hotels Worldwide.

The upper section is our all-new Getaways, which feature deep, deep discounts from a whopping 550,000+ hotels around the world. I did a quick search for hotel offers in Phuket during Chinese New Year – and voila. See results above, all with discounts of over 50%. Best of all, these rates are exclusive offers readily seen by ENTERTAINER members only – no “hidden” or “secret” prices to confuse us all even more. Easy peasy.

With that having been said, I do resolve to travel more in 2018. Happy New Year, indeed!

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