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In line with our motto, ‘there’s always something to smile about‘, we want to ensure you get the chance to beam from ear to ear by utilising your Smiles.

So, what are Smiles?

A virtual currency system that works a bit like a rewards or loyalty program. You can earn Smiles in many different ways, and as you use the App, you will easily see how many Smiles you are earning.

And how do you earn them?

  • Redeem! Earn Smiles for every redemption you make at your favourite locations on your ENTERTAINER.
  • Earn Badges & Levels! Complete tasks set on your App for the chance to earn Badges.


Complete set tasks, and be rewarded with new Badges! For example, redeem three offers, and you’ll become a Triple Striker, or make enough redemptions to save more than the cost of your product, and you’ll become a Smart Cookie! Every time you complete a task, you will also receive Smiles.

Please note, your Smiles will expire along with your product, and you will not be able to pick up where you left off after purchasing another product. However, your Badges will not expire, so on purchase of another product, you will still have your superstar status!

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