Can I share my ENTERTAINER account with friends and family?

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Of course you can share your account. We love to share – sharing is caring! Therefore, we allow you to share your ENTERTAINER product(s) with 4 family members. And here is a little more info about it:

Primary Members: You are the ones that have purchased an ENTERTAINER product. Now, you can give up to 4 family members exclusive access to your account, and these members can be changed whenever you want.

Secondary Members: You are the ones that can reap the rewards, without having to buy a product! Once a Primary Member has invited you to join their family, you will have access to all of the offers. It’s time to smile very sweetly..

To invite Secondary Members, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the “Profile” icon
  2. Navigate to your “Preferences”
  3. Click “My Family” and select “Add Members”
  4. Enter their email address and relation to you
  5. They’ll get a notification in the App and an invitation email

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