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Discovery is one of the best things about the ENTERTAINER App. Thanks to our powerful search tools and filters, we’ve made it easier than ever to head out for an impromptu pizza or find the perfect place to entertain the kids – whilst making great savings along the way of course!

Search For Offers

There are 3 ways you can search through your App.

1. Quick Search

On the home screen, the Quick Search bar is the simple way to find an offer based on the name of the merchant or offer keyword. So if you know where you want to go or what you want to do, and simply need to see what offers are available, then Quick Search is the tool for you.

2. Category Search

If you’re in need of a bit more inspiration, or want to know what’s available in a specific location then try the Category Search. This tool searches by offer name, merchant name and location from this category. For example, if you look for “Dubai” in Food & Drinks, you’ll get a list of options including areas (Downtown Dubai), locations (Dubai Mall), hotels (Sofitel Dubai), outlet name (Tim Horton’s Dubai) and offer (Buy One Get One Free Dubai Milkshake).

3. Location Search

The map view is super useful if you want to see what’s available around you right now. All you have to do is tap on the category you’d like, hit ‘View all’ and click on ‘Map’ in the top right hand corner. Remember to allow the App to use your location of course!

Behold The Awesomeness Of Filters

Filters are a very powerful way to narrow down your offer options to the one that is perfect for you right now. You’ll find the filter button in the category screen, after you have clicked on ‘View all’.

Depending on the category you’re in, you can choose from a list of attributes like activity, cuisine, services and other filters.

So if you’re craving ice cream and want to sit outdoors while eating it with your dog, select all these filters and look for the perfect merchant in the shortened list.  It’s that easy!

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