How do I place an order on Delivery?

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Pen the app and click the delivery tab from the home screen.

Select the location for delivery using the top bar that states the current location. (It would be better to save the location, see FAQ for adding location)

Once the location is set the merchants who deliver to that location will. Select the merchant from the list that you would like to order from.

You might be asked to choose the branch you wish to order from, we recommend you choose the one closest to you.

Select the items you wish to order from the menu. Only the items mentioned in the offer is valid for 241 otherwise 25% off will be deducted from your bill. When ordering 24 be sure to add 2 items that are valid for 241 to the cart.

Once you are ready to order click view basket. If you haven’t already added your delivery address here you will be asked to select one or add the delivery address.

If the address is added you will get this screen advising what discount was given and the amount you will be charged. Here you will click checkout and the card saved to your app’s wallet will be charged OR VIA Apple PAY if you are using an Apple device.

If you don’t have a card saved you will be asked to add a card.

The payment will appear from the ENTERTAINER on your bank statement.


Once you have paid there are 3 steps to your order.

  1. Order confirmed
  2. Order under preparation – this is the most important one. Watch the status until the order is accepted and is under preparation.
  3. Order en route.

For merchants using our third-party bike system, you will be able to track your order live in the app once the driver has collected your order.

For merchants using their own bikes, the app will simply give you an estimated time of arrival of your order.

If you have any questions about your order please call the merchant directly.

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