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We want our Members to get the most out of using their ENTERTAINER and Smiles is a virtual currency system that works a bit like a rewards or loyalty program. If you own an ENTERTAINER product you can earn Smiles in many different ways and as you use the App you will easily see how many smiles you are earning.

How can you earn Smiles?

1 – Earn Smiles for every offer you redeem – the number of Smiles is based on the Estimated Savings of the offer and your redemption screen will tell you how many smiles you earned on that redemption.


2 – Play the game – Get 200 Smiles for every badge and 500 Smiles every time you move up a level.


How can you spend your Smiles?

So now you’ve earned your Smiles, how can you see your balance and what can you spend them on? Go to the profile icon in the bottom navigation and the second tab will take you to your Smiles account.  Here you can clearly see how many Smiles you currently have and the options you have to spend them.


For example, you can spend 1,000 Smiles to buy 10 extra pings to keep on sharing offers with your friends.  Or if you’ve used all of the offers for your favourite venue – you can buy back an offer for 1,000 Smiles. Just select what you want to spend your smiles on and hit BUY. You can buy back one offer per merchant per account – even if you own multiple products on that account.

Exciting new things that you can spend your Smiles on will come and go – so be sure to check back regularly.

So that’s all you need to know about Smiles – remember they do expire 13 months after you earn them to be sure to check out how you can use these to grab even more benefits in your App.

Remember, you can only earn Smiles when you’ve bought an ENTERTAINER digital product.  You will not earn Smiles if your app is a white-label or promotional product (e.g. HSBC Entertainer).


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