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Welcome to your ENTERTAINER App!

To help you get started we’ve put together a quick “101” on how to find your way around and a quick overview of some of the great features.

The Homescreen

The Homescreen

This is your gateway to awesome savings. Each merchant – that’s what we call the restaurants, spas, attractions and retail partners we work with – is allocated to one of the following categories:


If you tap any of these buttons, you will then find the offers available to you.

The search bar in the top right of the Homescreen is a quick search function by offer keyword (like brunch or pizza), or by the merchant name.

In a category

Once you select a category you will be taken to all the offers in that category. These are listed out by merchant and are displayed based on proximity if you let the App use your location (or alphabetically if you didn’t).

Offer Types


You will see tabs across the top of the screen, which separate out the different types of offers:

  • ALL OFFERS – the default view on the top left contains the full list of merchants in this category that have offers available for you to use.
  • MONTHLY – is a list of exclusive member offers that are available to you for that month only. Read more about monthly offers here.
  • NEW – is a list of all the new merchants that are added to the App throughout the year. Read more about new offers here.
  • CHEERS – is a list of offers for drinks, if this is available in your destination.
  • BUY MORE – shows you the full list of offers that are available to purchase in that category.  These offers will appear as locked until you purchase the product they are associated with.

The category search bar and filter options are a great way to quickly narrow down the list of offers, so you can find the one you want.

Now let’s look at the bottom navigation bar.

The notification centre

notifitcationThe bell icon in the bottom navigation is a link to your notification centre. Here you will find your latest news, as well as any important updates or messages we have for you. You will see a red alert when you have a new notification to read.

Your favourites

favouritesThe star icon is where all the merchants you have marked as Favourite are stored, for quick access later on. It’s also where you can view all the offers you have been Pinged by your friends. You can read our How To Guides on saving favourites and pinging offers and how awesome those features are.

My profile and account settings

profileThe avatar icon is a link to your Account Profile.  On the first tab you can see an overview of your activity and savings, view the levels and badges you’ve earned and see a list of products you own. The second tab is all about Smiles, you can see your Smiles balance and what you can spend them on. The third tab is all about connecting with your friends and earning extra Smiles by referring friends.

settingsIn the top right hand corner is the Settings icon. Here you can double check the information we have on file for you, reset your redemption PIN, register any VIP keys, access our Live Chat team for help, review the Rules of Use and much more.

Shopping Cart

shopping-cartThe last icon on this bar is the shopping cart where you can browse all the global ENTERTAINER products available for purchase.

So there you have it, that is the Entertainer App 101. Thanks for reading, be sure to check out our next step which is all about how to redeem.

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