Get To Know That Girl From Muscat, Binoodha!

We’re loving getting to know a little bit more about Oman through our blogger friends, and Binoodha from @thatgirlfrommuscat is no different. If you’d also like to get to know a little more about life in and around Oman, delve into the life of Binoodha!

Get to know Binoodha – that girl from Muscat!

What do you like to do to keep busy at the weekends?

I have recently engaged myself in language classes and dance classes, which takes up my entire week, so weekends are for relaxing. And for me, relaxation comes in trying out new restaurants, staycations, visiting beautiful locations in Oman or shooting for my blog. Basically my weekends are more impromptu, and at a comforting pace.

Name 3 of your favourite spots to take pictures in Oman…

Ooh, number one has to be The Royal Opera House for its distinguished architecture and white backdrop! Number two – Mutrah, for its old world charm, and finally, Yiti Beach, because of its stunning surroundings.


What challenges do you face as a lifestyle blogger in Oman?

I love how blogging has picked up in Oman. It’s nice to see professional bloggers with good quality content and websites in par with the international bloggers. The challenges as such are not many, since we fight all odds and work against the clock to continue our passion for blogging. The only limitation that comes to my mind is that, some days, 24 hours isn’t enough.

List 3 of your favourite ENTERTAINER offers, and tell us why you love them so much!

The restaurant offers are some of my favourites, as I love trying out new places, and with the app, it works out perfectly for me to eat and save! I’m currently on a quest for the top 10 hot chocolate spots in Oman, and the ENTERTAINER has been my companion in this mission! Rossini at The Cave is fab for Italian food, Skin Fruit is the place to visit for a great manicure, and a staycation at the Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa is the best treat, too!

What else can you get up to in Oman? We’ve got a list for you here!


Binoodha Sasi