Meet KSA Fitness Blogger, Trainer, And Motivator Ghazi Alzobiri

Congratulations, you made it through the week! As we welcome the weekend, the little fitness guru inside of us is doing a little dance since Be Fit is coming to J’ town! Yes, you heard that right. Be fit is a fun sporting activity that includes a range of fitness clubs, healthy food restaurants, and entertaining shows. Automatically, we got in contact with our favourite fitness guru @ghazi_alzobiri. He has very kindly shared some of his life with us, including his favourite things to do and what life is like as a fitness blogger and trainer in KSA. And here’s what he let us in on:

Can you tell us a little about yourself, and what can we find if we followed you?

Hello everyone. My name is Ghazi Alzobiri, born and raised in Riyadh. My passion for fitness and sports started when I was 6 years old! I used to train in karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, kung fu, and BJJ martial arts. Working out in the gym is a life style for me. I started to educate myself and learn more about sports and fitness so I can help others with their goals and how to stay fit and healthy. I’m a specialised functional training and HITT-High intensity interval training – level 4 personal trainer, BODYCOMBAT & GRIT by Les Mills, CrossFit, TRX, and Kickboxing. If you follow me, you will get a lot of information about training and how to stay motivated.

What challenges do you face as a fitness blogger in KSA?

The challenge I face the most is that people don’t like to read and search for the right information! They like to take other people’s experience and sometimes they take wrong advice. I highly recommend that you must read, look for the right information, or ask the experts!

Do you think sports awareness is at a good level in KSA? Why or why not?

Yes, I think fitness awareness is starting to grow here in KSA. In the last 2 years, many people started to take fitness seriously because they learned how it would reflect on their wellbeing. Still I think we need time to have good quality fitness services provided from gyms and fitness centres but we are slowly getting there.

Which KSA-based Instagram accounts do you like to follow and why?

This is a tough one but if I had to narrow it down, it would be @alymazhar since he’s a sports fanatic just like me.  His account is full of training routines that push you to challenge yourself.

Also, I follow @athlead_sa which offers a specialised training facility for athletes in Riyadh.

Last but not least, I follow @e_cali89 aka Emad Al Shameri who is a motivational trainer. Emad focuses on core training, which I believe is very essential!

List 3 of your favourite ENTERTAINER offers and tell us why do you love them so much?

I’m a new user of the ENTERTAINER, and I consider it my new-found treasure. I have been able to save a lot with it and still do. I like the idea very much, especially that you get something of an equal value, and so there is no beating around the bushes! My favourite three ENTERTAINER offers are:

I enjoyed going to Blue Signature restaurant as it serves a wide variety of European dishes to its guests so that they can enjoy their time with their family and friends.

Fast track health club offers a newly renovated and fully equipped health and fitness centre that boasts high quality cardiovascular and resistance equipment.

Using the Diet World offer is essential as doing the BIA test helps me find out about what changes I need to apply to my lifestyle.

I loved using the offers since I get to go out to a lot of new places and SAVE at the same time!

Thank you Ghazi for this opportunity and we hope you enjoyed talking with us as much as we did. Don’t forget to let us know what is your favourite sport and if you plan on visiting #befit this weekend!