How a Bangkok foodie saves money on food and experiences in KL

It’s been 2 years since I’ve moved to BKK and though life is bliss in the (Asian) city of angels with the endless shopping, street food and easy access to whatever I need, I do really miss KL from time to time.

But I don’t get to travel back as often as I’d like. Most of the time it’s pretty much flying home for the weekend only. I know right – that’s basically enough time to remind my parents of what I look like and to stuff my face with a couple of all-time favourite food before I’m on the plane again heading back to my second home.

It isn’t easy. With only 2 nights to spare on most visits, I try to make the best of every moment. And since I’ve already busted my wallet with flight tickets, luggage fees and taxi fares, I always have my eye out for an offer or two or three on the ENTERTAINER.

So, here’s a little snapshot of my 2-night KL-scapade to inspire you to make the most of your time in KL.


The Mains

The first thing my body cries out for when I land is food. I go to Gajaa at 8 if I’m in the mood for Indian, or Carl’s Jr if I want a juicy burger. If I have the stomach space, I usually sneak in a little nasi lemak bungkus. Well, let’s face it – I’d probably still do it even if I didn’t have the space.

I’d always take my parents out for a fancy meal to remind them why I’m the favourite child. I “let” them choose but I always drop hints (“Morganfield’s has good ribs” or “The Daily Grind’s burgers are amazeballs”). Out comes the ENTERTAINER app, my offer is there and yay, happy tummies everywhere!

Sweet Treats

I’ve probably eaten way too much by this point but that won’t stop me from dessert and coffee. Pickle & Fig is always a good bet and Shugatori Dessert Café is my other go-to. If I’m feeling like I need a health boost or to balance out all the food I’ve been eating, I’ll pop over to Dochi Juice for a healthy fix.


Then, at night, it’s all about my girls. We’d have a catch-up over some drinks, perhaps at Pisco Bar with some tapas, or Naked Restaurant and Bar at Plaza Damas. If we’re up for it, we might also try something new. But one thing’s for sure – we’ll still have another quick bite together, before the night is officially over.


Yup, that’s a lot to do in one day. So, the next day is usually a more chilled one for me. I might head over to sweatspa or Mandara Spa with my mum for a relaxing time. I know what you’re thinking – if I live in Bangkok where there’s a spa everywhere I turn, why would I go to a spa in KL? The simple answer is, when I’m in BKK, it’s all about the work. When I’m in KL, it’s pretty much my break from reality. Plus, treating my mum makes the experience so much better.

Then I’d usually feel like having something healthy for lunch, and for that, Salad Atelier is my normal spot. Mum loves it too, so it’s a win-win for us. After lunch, I’d drop mum home and then I’ll be off to my coffee date with my friends or ex-colleagues. We’d chit chat the whole afternoon away at Coffee Stain or SF Coffee, and then I’ll head home to have dinner with my family.

To cap off my second night back home, it’s usually with a beautiful ice cream treat at Cold Stone Creamery. Once I have that checked off the list, I pack and get ready to leave the next day. Huhu.

It’s always a toughie to say goodbye to my family, friends and doggo when it’s time to go back to Bangkok, but because I know I’ve maxed out my whole time here, I’m refreshed and ready.

The next time I’m back in KL, I’ll be happy to do it all over again.

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