5 KSA Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now!

Whether you live in KSA, visiting some family there, or just looking for some inspiration in life, here’s a list of 5 inspirational KSA bloggers who should be added to your radar. All you have to do is check them out and tell us who you can relate to the most!

Top 5 KSA Blogs To Follow

For the food lovers

If you are anything like us and the sight of food awakens your senses then have a look at @foodiesofksa. An amazing account reflective of a young couple’s journey to explore the restaurants in the city of Riyadh. From hidden gems to the best cuppa’ Jo, you will be inspired on where to go next.

For the backpackers

Explore the kingdom – and the rest of the world – through the lens of @saudi_mystery_woman. A mysterious woman who embarks on a journey of visiting amazing places and shares the beauty of nature through her posts…we are intrigued!

For the lifestyle enthusiasts

Enjoy a world of elegance and follow @alia_alqhatani – one of our favourites! Alia blogs about her daily life in KSA and shares her favourite poetry lines in her captions…Classic!

For the fashionistas among us

Designer @alaa_balkhy dares to do fashion on her terms. Presenting a unique blend where east meets west, this account will inspire you to…dress to impress!

For the Saudi Wanderlusts

If you are looking for a traditional blog that will inspire you to explore more of KSA, follow @3_w3. Waleed is a photography lover who captures precious moments through his camera. From road trips to waterfalls, the scenery will mesmerize you!

We hope these blogs will inspire you and don’t forget to recommend to us your favourite bloggers in KSA!