Discovering Jeddah With Nihal Felemban!

As you know, here at the ENTERTAINER, we love catching up with our friends from around the world. Today is no different as we meet with one of our favourite foodies in Jeddah, Nihal Felemban aka @dipsntrips!

Q & A: Catching Up with Nihal!

Can you introduce yourself to our community and tell us what we would find if we started following you on Instagram?

My name is Nihal Felemban and I’m a Jeddah-based food and travel blogger. I was born and raised in Morocco (Rabat) then moved to Saudi where I got my bachelor’s degree in International business. I entered the banking world as a corporate banker and built a satisfactory career over the years; however, I’ve always had this great energy and dedication for tasting different cuisines and traveling around the world exploring different places so I’ve decided to reconnect with my true passion: Food & Travel.

On my Instagram page you will find passion and inspirations in the form of food recipes and places I visited. You will simply see who I am!

As we can see you like to travel a lot – where is your favourite location you have travelled to in the past, and what is the next destination on your list and why?

I’m not a mom yet, but I feel this resembles asking a mother to choose a favourite kid lol. Joking aside, one of my favourite places that I’ve been to is El Nido in Palawan, Philippines. Next destination has been on my list for a while now. I can’t wait to visit Iceland. Why? The Aurora Borealis (northern lights).

What are your 3 favourite hidden gems in Jeddah?

Oh that’s a tough one! Only because people in Jeddah are always out and about, it’s hard to call any place “hidden”!

I like to escape to Medd Cafe and enjoy a drink with the view of the Red Sea during the sunset. A place that I’d rather call “underrated” instead of “hidden gem” is the buffet restaurant in “Sands” hotels. If you are in the mood for super comfy food that feels like it was prepared by your mom then sands buffet is the place to go. I always believed that authentic Indian cuisine is not usually found in fancy restaurants. “Mahraja” is one of those old restaurants you go to for a delicious meal of Indian cuisine.

Which 3 Jeddah-based accounts do you like to follow?

There are a lot of good jeddah-based accounts that are worth following. However, I always look for those with the same passion as mine and they are not jeddah-based.

Number one is @aaljumah (Riyadh-based), he is one of the most inspiring account that I enjoy following as all his posts are adventurous and around the world.

Number two is @adwaaldakheel (jeddah/Riyadh-based), who is an inspiring entrepreneur that is a role model to young Saudi women with her drive for over achievement.

Last but not least, number three is @hello965 (Kuwait-based), who gives you the chance to explore the world through her posts without leaving your seat!

What are your 3 favourite offers on your ENTERTAINER App?

The complimentary night when a night is booked and The Entertainer’ selection of hotels especially the Hot Summer Nights promotion. Casper & Gambini’s offer, it’s one of the few places that offers a menu so varied with good quality ingredients. And Eric Zemmour’s offer, after all who can resist being pampered at one of the most prestigious salons in the kingdom that offers French experience with a Middle Eastern twist!

Thank you Nihal for this lovely interview. It has been fun and we look forward to your future fun-filled posts of your favourite recipes and places. If you want to see more of Nihal, follow her on Instagram to stay updated with her latest posts or simply click here!