Get To Know Blogger Ntando Stemmet

We always love getting some inside scoop on life in different areas here at the ENTERTAINER, and there’s no better way to do that than by asking our friends for a little information! Today is no different, as blogger Ntando Stemmet – @ntandostemmet – kindly shares her story from Doha. Here’s what she has to say!

Get to know blogger Ntando Stemmet

“I am a South African born entrepreneur with a background in Marketing, Event Management and PR. I have been living in Doha since January 2017 and every day I discover a new gem in this beautiful city. In September 2017, I will be relaunching my website,, which has undergone a complete revamp. The website focuses on my three passions: travel, fitness and my personal style. I’ll also be sharing my experience of living in Doha, as well as highlights from my travels around the world.

On Instagram I share a lot about these three passions. I enjoy sharing spectacular views from around Doha, as well as the most memorable moments from my travels. I also share my favourite styles from my own wardrobe, which vary from high end designer outfits to bargain purchases from my most beloved retailers. Traveling a lot tends to wreak havoc on my healthy eating lifestyle, so I frequently share how I keep fit and endeavor to maintain my fitness regime either during my trips, or afterwards.

What I love most about living in Doha

When I left Johannesburg, South Africa, last year, I left behind my family and closest friends. I also left behind a successful Digital Marketing & PR business that I founded in 2009. Qatar offers many opportunities to expats around the world, and as an entrepreneur, the incredibly resilient and powerful economy of this small country has to be my favourite thing about living here.

Over and above the economical benefits, I really enjoy meeting people who have journeyed from so many different parts of the world and now call Qatar home. Making friends who hail from all across the globe and learning about their life experiences is one of the absolute best things for me about socialising in Doha. Candid conversations with my friends here are akin to mini adventures from far off lands. I just love that!

Lastly, as a devout Christian I know that without God, I would be empty. I admire the devotion of the Qatari people to their Muslim faith. It’s obviously a different faith to mine, but I respect the way they put their beliefs and their culture above all else. It’s easy for a modern city to get swept up in modern ways, it’s tougher and more admirable to hold on to your values.

Qatar’s 3 hidden gems

I’m relatively new to Qatar and I’m still discovering new spots in Doha every day. This summer I’m attempting to acclimatise to the weather so I can get out and explore more.

My gems are no secret, but they’re still divine. The first one is the Banana Island Resort, as I just love the tranquility of that place. Going there is like going on vacation in your own city. As soon as I get off the boat and arrive on the island I am almost immediately more relaxed!

My other gem is more of a pre-emptive gem, the stadiums that are being built for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. As a sports fan I cannot wait for the World Cup stadiums to be complete, and more importantly for the games to begin! The world’s top countries will converge to play for the most coveted cup in the world, starting with the Confederations Cup in 2021.

And lastly, as a fitness enthusiast I am always looking for ways to keep up with my fitness goals. Tennis and squash are two of my favourites. The state-of-the-art Khalifa International Tennis & Squash Complex in West Bay is the perfect place to play tennis and squash, as well as work out in the gym area. Khalifa also hosts the annual Qatar Open, where the world’s top tennis players in the ATP and WTA – such as Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams – play for top honours.

3 of my favourite Qatar-based accounts to follow

On Twitter I’ve enjoyed following @TimeOutDoha, as they are always posting interesting links to articles about what’s happening around Doha. They also retweet some informative posts from other accounts.

On Facebook I like to follow @QatarLiving, and the website even has its own app which is filled with information about living in Qatar. It’s been so useful for me since I am relatively new to the country.

On Instagram, I enjoy the feed from @SeeMyDoha. They share beautiful mobile photography from the talented people in Doha. It sets them apart from the other really great accounts that share work by professional photographers using state of the art equipment. It really showcases the creativity of Doha residents.

My 3 favourite offers on the ENTERTAINER

Without a doubt, the Silkor Laser Medical Centre is my favourite offer on the ENTERTAINER. It’s real value for a service that I need on a monthly basis with the best savings!

I am looking forward to trying the two facials on offer at Nu Yu Medical Spa as well – I have already made my appointments because the savings are so good! I’m sure the results will be just as impressive!

One way to discover my favourite Doha restaurants and dining experiences is to try them all – well as many as possible! So I’ve enjoyed working my way down the list of culinary offers, from ice cream spots to take away places right through to fine dining. It’s also a great way to get a taste of international dishes from exotic countries that I haven’t been exposed to before.

We’d like to thank the lovely Ntando Stemmet for giving us an extra little insight into Qatar life. Do be sure to check out her Insta page for some more fabulous updates at @ntandostemmet. If you’d like to delve into the lives of other Qatar-based bloggers, check out Lulu Mohamad’s article too.


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