Meet Bahrain Blogger & Fashion Designer, Haya

After previously delving into the life of blogger and food lover Farah, she recommended that we got in contact with Bahrain-based Fashion Designer, Haya. So we did! And she’s very kindly shared some of her life with us, including her favourite things to do and what life is like as a blogger and Fashion Designer in Bahrain. And here’s what she let us in on:

“What are 3 things you love to do in Bahrain?

Food, art & music are my favorite, so I love events that mix all of them together, such as The Nest in Adliyah, or a charity festival like Ayadi Relief. If there aren’t any events happening, I enjoy dining with my friends in the up-and-coming restaurants in Bahrain. I also love spas; I’m always scheduling a “me” day every other week just to relax & unwind.

What challenges do you face as a Lifestyle Blogger and Fashion Designer in Bahrain?

I think the biggest challenge is getting people to take my job seriously –  everyone thinks it’s more of a hobby, but it’s really hard work. It was difficult making the decision to study Fashion Design, but everyone has been encouraging & it feels good to be recognized & celebrated for what I do.

Which fashion designers in the field inspire you?

I love fashion designers who are pushing the envelope and create something different rather than follow trends; designers like Yohji Yamamato, Dion Lee and Azzedine Alaia. As for regional designers I’m a fan of Hussein Bazaza and Ashi.

Which Bahrain-based Instagram accounts do you like to follow, and why?

I love to follow artists generally and I’m following Bahrain-based artists like @themannai, @danajpaints and @aminaalabbasi – I think as a fashion designer I draw my inspiration from art, and it’s always inspiring to see what our local talent is up to.

What’s your next destination?

Paris, for Fashion Week!”

If you’re thinking of getting into blogging in Bahrain, or are an aspiring Fashion Designer, take some inspiration from Haya!


Haya Khalifa