Weekend Tips: All About Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury, that little pocket of London filled with beautiful buildings, garden squares and more cultural side notes than the Encyclopaedia Britannica! Since its restoration into a fashionable residential area, Bloomsbury has seen many changes, but it remains a reference for literature, art and medicine.

However this hood is not just for the book, art and anthropology enthusiasts! It’s location makes this area a must visit whether you have a business meeting, a foodie interest in any of its many restaurants, or a weekend catch up with friends.

Indeed, there’s more to it than the British Museum, and we wanted to list just a handful of things you could do around Bloomsbury using the ENTERTAINER app. So read on to know more!

London Cabaret Club

Leave the week’s worries behind, forget about your piles of paperwork, just reach out for the first cocktail of the weekend at the London Cabaret Club. A show that combines British cheesy pop classics, cabaret dancing routines and mind-boggling acrobatics, this venue is a sense overload you will absolutely love!

Absolute Bollywood

Say goodbye to that sad little run you have at lunch time, and get a properly enjoyable workout at this studio. The professionals at Ab Bolly offer traditional dancing, but also their special brand of fitness, a mix of different regional dance varieties and aerobics. A great way to get in shape and to develop your body and mind awareness!

Il Casteletto

Picture this: a lovely terrace, delicious Italian cuisine paired with a glass of Chianti or Nero D’Avola, and the British Museum and its adjacent buildings as your view. It sure sounds like amore to us! All this can be found at Il Castelleto, a restaurant that pretty much sums up what Bloomsbury is about: friendly locals, tradition and the fine things in life.

Remember, all included in the ENTERTAINER London app and our drinks product, Cheers! Happy weekend, ENTERTAINER family, until the next one!


Amanda Rosowski
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