The nitty-gritty on 91 Living Room’s cocktail magic

We love 91 Living Room for dozens of reasons – cozy couches, lovely coffee and lush bites- but our absolute favorite thing is their fabulous cocktails. We had a chat with the man behind the magic to get to the bottom of what makes their tipples so tasty.

Firstly, we want to know about you! Who is Amon?

I’m the head mixologist for 91 at the Truman Brewery.

What drew you to mixology?

I was very fortunate to have some really amazing mentors that were able to introduce me into the wild world of mixology. Their infectious passion and love of the craft was soon transferred to me.

We noticed some of the cocktails have unusual twists on signature ingredients. Who comes up with these variants?

I do! I am so inspired by the Truman Brewery’s location on Brick Lane; the cultures, and peoples that make up this amazing spot in East London are first and foremost my biggest inspirations.

We really love the Burnt Butter Old Fashioned. What’s the secret to getting the browned butter, just right?


Any new ideas you’ve been toying with for your next cocktail creation?

For the summer menu, I really wanted to focus on fresh flavours and accessible combinations. For our mint Julep, I’ve added a hint of Ameretto. The almond, bourbon and mint play off each other in really surprising ways. I won’t give away anymore! You have to come in and try them out!

You don’t have to tell us twice, we’ll be there!

We know Ninety One Living Room also hosts great bands. How does the energy of the music impact your cocktail-making?

When I’m making a new menu, I try to consider every aspect of our venue, from sunny days on the terrace, to raucous nights with our talented roster of musical guests. Long and refreshing for those long hours on our amazing terrace, short and sweet for a night on the dance floor.

Obviously, we’re not going to let you go without finding out…what’s your favourite cocktail?

Such a hard question! My favourite on the menu right now is the Irish Penicillin.

Really? What’s in that??

Its smoky, it has ginger and orange notes, and a healthy amount of Irish whiskey.

Ninety One Living Room also have a pretty tasty looking dinner menu. What’s your favourite cocktail & main pairing?

Definitely the vegan cauli-burger and an Orange turmeric margarita.

Last question, what do you like to do with your free time when you’re not mixing drinks?

I’m a pretty avid runner, when I am not in the bar, most mornings I’ll be running.




Amanda Rosowski