The Best Brews for International Coffee Day

Look out, coffee lovers. International Coffee Day is just around the corner, and you know how it is: any excuse to drink coffee is a good one, especially when it’s 1-for-1 on the ENTERTAINER App. The first time this was celebrated in Milan, it was to promote fair trade coffee, and today, we have many ways to commemorate this heavenly beverage.

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You could go full-on barista and learn how to brew your own liquid energy, but with so many great options out there, you could just leave it up to the experts and be served the best brews (and best offers) in town.


#1 Beans N Beans, Uptown

This place isn’t your usual hipster coffee joint, but we’re loving the vibe here. As a Korean dessert café serving bingsu with local twists, a great cup of coffee isn’t what you’d really expect, but that’s exactly what it delivers. Best part is, you can still go with your friends who don’t drink coffee, as they can enjoy a refreshing dessert while you sip on your rich, aromatic cuppa. Head over to Uptown to try it and see for yourself!

#2 Calanthe Art Café, Malacca

On Jonker Walk, there’s a little coffee shop that has all the makings of a good coffee joint: a quaint atmosphere, friendly faces behind the counter, vintage furniture and décor, and of course, yummy food. But the most wonderful thing about Calanthe is the coffee they serve, with a variety of beans from 13 states in the country. Seriously. How awesome is that? For that alone, this place is worth the visit any day. Stop by the next time you’re in Malacca.

#3 Cats Café, JB

Cats and coffee, coffee and cats – which do you love more? One is fluffy, the other is freshly brewed, but no matter which you’re there for, the place is completely filled with love, and it’s bound to put a smile on anybody’s face. The charming environment is also cosy with a great variety of desserts to go along with your frothy goodness. So, order up, sip on your cappuccino, pet some cats, and be happy ?

#4 O’Coffee Club, Pavilion

Serving up some seriously premium brew, O’Coffee Club makes us excited in ways only good coffee can. The reason for that? The owners. They see coffee as more than just a wake-up call in the morning or to pump you up during the day. To them, there’s something beautiful in enjoying the perfect cup of coffee or your meal, and you can totally see it in the way their roasted beans turn out. International Coffee Day or not, we highly encourage you to make a stop there for pleasant coffee time with the fam, or to unwind with a good meal after a long day at the office.

#5 La Fleur Café

Whimsical and cute are the words that come to mind whenever we think about this spot at Sunway Geo Avenue. This is, after all, one of Klang Valley’s first unicorn-themed cafés. Stuffed unicorn plush toys and rainbow decorations adorn every corner, and if you’re feeling like trying your hand at something fancy, you can even make your own latte art. We’re not going to lie – this doesn’t look like a traditional coffee joint… which makes the experience even more surprising and wonderful.

We know how tempting all these options sound, especially if you’re a coffee lover, but you don’t have to have everything at one go. Stretch it out and celebrate International Coffee Day as many times as you want with your friends.

Don’t forget to purchase the ENTERTAINER App to enjoy deals at all the above spots, and to celebrate International Coffee Day with a fresh aromatic cup. Cheers!