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When the weather’s this cold, may I suggest a much, more delicious alternative to piling on layers upon layers of bulky clothing? Simply march into a restaurant that serves hot n’ spicy food and proceed to feed. You’re guaranteed to warm up from the inside in no time at all.

My favourite part of the city for eating spicy food is Wan Chai exactly because of the three spots below. Not only do they serve challenging dishes guaranteed to wake every palate. They also offer buy one get one free mains on the ENTERTAINER. What’s not to love?

Top 3 spots in Wan Chai for BOGOF spicy food

Qi House of Sichuan

Shop 12, 2nd Level, 60 Johnston Road
Set your mouth on fire at this revered temple of Sichuanese cuisine. They’ve got a Michelin star, which is why it’s one of my favourites to take visiting friends from overseas. I have a high threshold for spicy food, compared to most people. But the ma po tofu here – generally considered a “tame” dish – made me sweat rivers, anyway.  Come to Qi to experience authentic dishes that reflect the seven flavours of Sichuan: spicy, aromatic, sweet, bitter, sour, peppery and salty. Intense!

Evelyn’s Garden

4th & 5th Level, Kwan Chart Tower, 6 Tonnochy Road
This place serves a contemporary interpretation of Peking, Sichuan and Shanghai fare. Dishes are served tapas-style to encourage guests to try and share greater variety.  They’re known for “Dish 100,” which is exactly what it says – a selection of 100 dishes served all at one onto guests’ tables. Take note, however, that Dish 100 is not buy one get one free (can you imagine being served Dish 200?!). But for a real spicy food challenge, try their “Signature Boiled with Hot and Numbing Oil” and pick your matching protein amongst garoupa fillet, lamb, beef, pork belly or chicken. For vegetarians, there’s mixed mushrooms.

Koh Thai

1st Level, J-Residence, 60 Johnston Road
It looks more like an urban spa from the entrance, but don’t let the tranquil design fool you. This stalwart Thai restaurant has three outlets – they’re all on the ENTERTAINER – but it’s the one in Wan Chai I like most for its inviting garden-like design. The curries are deep and rich. The laab moo is killer. And whilst the food may set your mouth on fire, rest assured the staff will be looking after you with that signature Thai smile. Khob khun kha!

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