Solid veggie & vegan food in Manchester

Manchester is known for being a hot spot for great dining and vegetarian & vegan dining is no different. With funky new pop ups every other day there is an abundance of local haunts sure to get you excited about veggie and vegan food in Manchester.

Katsouris Deli

If you are looking for a meat free, veggie sandwich on the go we’ve got the spot. Or perhaps a cheeky veggie breakfast tickles your fancy more? Either way Katsouris Deli is the place for you. Enjoy our 2-4-1 deal on their main menu dishes. Killing the game with their veggie meze!

Avocado Health Bar

But what if you’re on that avocado band wagon? Let’s be honest. We all are! Avocados are a symbol of health and a staple in most veggie diets. With a name like the Avocado Health Bar you know what to expect. Seriously healthy food that tastes incredible. Why not pop in and try one of their super salads? We’ve secured you a 2-4-1 deal on their main menu items which will make it even more satisfying when you spring for an avo toast.

The Living Room

And finally, you absolutely can’t miss The Living Room which is ideally situated in the heart of Manchester and boasts an exceptionally stylish décor. The food and drink is to die for too, particularly their vegetarian delights like the Asparagus & Pea Ravioli. Pretty much skip the cheese on most of their items for a vegan suitable treat. Get our two for one deal on main menu dishes, a glass of wine, a cocktail, or a bottle of prosecco.

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Amanda Rosowski
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