Om-tastic Seafood Paella

Seafood paella is a one-pot dish that’s at once simple yet complex. Renee and I popped into OM Tapas to see how Chef Antonio Moran makes his version of this Spanish classic – and naturally we had to taste it, too! 

Sampling Chef Antonio Moran’s Seafood Paella

As a yogi and foodie, I’m naturally drawn to anything “Om.” It’s even more intriguing when found on a Spanish restaurant’s name.

“OM” stands for “One Minden Avenue,” OM Tapas’ address. However, Chef Antonio Moran and his team have also adapted the timeless yogic mantra as an inspiration for their menu. The result is a selection of classics that represent the past, present and future of Spanish food – at once familiar, comforting and exciting.

OM Tapas takes after Andalusian gastronomy and culture. It’s in this southern part of Spain where the concept of tapas originated. This is also the home of the famous Iberico pigs, which feed on acorns.

Andalusian cuisine is rich. Dishes typically contain an array of ingredients including olive oil, nuts and fruits. Marination is an art here. These Mediterranean elements, together with Arabic influences, have merged in what is now known as traditional Andalusian cuisine.

Chef Antonio Moran, who was raised and trained in various Michelin-starred kitchens in Andalusia, refreshes traditional dishes with contemporary technique and presentation. Naturally, Renee and I were beside ourselves with excitement whilst watching Chef Antonio prepare his signature seafood paella. His version overflows with shellfish: clams, mussels, prawn. The rice is perfectly moist and slightly spicy. It carries the deep, rich and complex flavours of all the beautiful ingredients on and within it.

We enjoyed – relished! – Chef Antonio’s seafood paella whilst gazing outward onto a charming TST side street from the restaurant’s semi open-air design. We also loved the modern décor, relaxed ambiance and friendly, knowledgeable staff. This place is perfect if you’re looking for an easy, pleasurable and noteworthy meal with a slight, off-the-beaten-path vibe.

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OM Tapas
G/F, 1 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui


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