Desserts You’ll Always Have Room For

National Dessert Day? Best day of the year if you ask us!

We know how hard it is to choose just one dessert to eat, so we’ve put together our top picks.

Feast your eyes on our favourites!

Dessert Republic 

Dessert Republic is a sugar-coated kingdom of cakes and shakes, based in Manchester. Famous for their Confectionery Milkshakes (favourites flavours being Nutella and Jammy Dodger) and other tasty treats like their Cookie Skillet, Oreo Cheesecake and homemade macaroons. There’re no rules, just go wild!

Unico Gelato & Caffe

Unico brings the taste of Bologna (Italy’s food capital) to the streets of London. Here you can get your hands on gelato, pastries, vegan delights and other sweet treats, as well as savoury food and coffee.

“But gelato is just ice cream from Italy.” Wrong! Gelato contains less sugar than ice cream, and the texture is creamier, making it rich in flavour and healthier. Gelato contains 7% fat, that’s half of the amount of fat found in ice cream. Go crazy!

Banana Tree

Our favourite Panasian restaurant, Banana Tree might not a venue you’d choose based on their dessert menu, however we couldn’t leave out their banana profiteroles. Decadently sweet banana, wrapped in warm choux pastry, served with vanilla icecream. The word “no” will simply disappear from your vocabulary.

To A Tea

After indulging in your favourite cake (we’re talking red velvet, victoria sponge, banana bread and brownies), you’re going to need a strong cup of hearty tea.

You’ve heard about the coffee craze sweeping the streets of London, but To A Tea believe even the busiest Londoners have a soft spot for perfectly brewed loose leaf tea and a comfortable sit-down.

Choose from nine black teas, five green teas and two white teas on offer. Add to that the 15 herbal teas, flowering teas and a not-too-shabby coffee menu and you’re sorted.

Something Delicious

If you’re watching your figure, forget about it. Something Delicious is all about one thing: sugar (sorry, not sorry).

Pick up anything from milkshakes, gelato and ice cream to waffles soaked in Nutella, hot cookie dough and your fave cakes.

You could try the Something Delicious Special (if you dare): triple chocolate gelato and fresh vanilla ice cream, crushed wafer, brownie pieces, chocolate sauce and whipped cream all topped with chocolate shavings and a flake.

All this talk of desserts is making us hungry. Make sure you download the ENTERTAINER England RIGHT NOW and turn every day into National Dessert Day!


Laura Marie Parker