Mo Meat, Mo Problems, Fancy Vegetarian?

We are officially on our way to summer days, dips in the sea or the local lido and other myriad of under-the-sun activities. And probably hearty pies or steaming roasts are not the first thing that comes to mind when you are planning the new 2K18 season. Perhaps vegetarian is the way to go?

Then our proposal for your spring and summer menus is Ethos Foods, a fully veggie and vegan conceptual restaurant in Mayfair. Ethos operates on a pay-per-weight basis, so you just have to fill up your plate with the dozens of vegetarian delicacies they serve every day, head to the till and presto, you got yourself a plateful of green, meat-free goodness.

They especially aim to offer a wide range of meat substitutes that are just as scrummy, like their seitan barbecue “ribs”. Their vegan raw desserts are not just delicious, but also incredibly well crafted (almost too pretty to eat!)

Other vegetarian joints you can visit that are included in the ENTERTAINER are The Dayroom’s Cafe, where you can enjoy the most delicious Australian brunch, packed to the brim with avo! And speaking of avo, have you tried our favourite Glasgow venue, Avo Avo?

Remember, with the ENTERTAINER hundreds of complimentary dishes, drinks and other extras await! Just download our app, browse your area and discover your new favourite places!


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