5 Favourites To Brighten Your Lunch Break

Is this lunch break sequence familiar to you? Dreading opening your lunch bag. Peering at the discoloured plastic of your container of choice. You frown when you check that yes, it’s the same old spag-bol you unenthusiastically spooned there. You will never be able to take the tomato sauce stains off the inside of that Tupperware…

Sad Lunch II: La Vendetta.

Summer is a slightly kinder season for making your own meals for your lunch break. But Autumn/Winter? Well, it’s a sad tale of soup that never looks as good as on Instagram. No, it doesn’t matter how many mason jars you transport it in.

If you want to save money but also enjoy a meal that brings smiles, and not tears, to your face, jump on the ENTERTAINER bandwagon with our favourite spots for a quick working lunch:

Oke Poke – Manchester

The latest Hawaiian craze after floral shirts and Jason Momoa, poke has earned a place in everybody’s lunch break. You start with sticky sushi rice, marinated fish, avocado and other well-seasoned veggies. Add hot sauce and a scattering of seeds and you have a fresh, complete and nutritious meal. More than that, poke is freaking delicious!

For those (like me) who are not entirely sure how to pronounce it, don’t miss the video above!

Avocado Health Bar – Bolton

Those up North can debunk stereotypes about unhealthy eating habits with a visit or a phone call to Avocado Health Bar in Bolton, Horich. Their prepared meals include fresh and healthy ingredients that will make a perfect low calorie meal, full of nutrients and tasty to boot!

Wrap It Up – London

A favourite of many, the humble wrap gets a boost so that it can accommodate the fitness gurus, the foodies and the hungover at the same time. Wrap It Up has an extremely varied menu that keeps adding seasonal specials. They keep it fresh, they keep it healthy and boy, do they keep it scrumptious.

Healthy Lifestyle Food – Glasgow

Now, for some lunch is not just for pleasure, but for fueling up. The fitness oriented can head to Healthy Lifestyle Food to grab an exclusively tailored lunchbox, based on their body’s needs. Are you trying to bulk up? To loose weight? To avoid gluten, dairy or just nasties? Well, then you’re in the right place.

Beboz – London

Beboz takes the tradition of Italian street food and puts a modern, fun and versatile bow on it. They have options that range from pasta bowls, wraps, focaccia sandwiches, pizza and salads. Their balance between healthy and comforting is just perfect.

Beboz has recently opened two new venues in Mayfair and Clerkenwell, apart from their flagship story in Chancery Lane. So you have it easier than ever to enjoy a lunch a la italiana!

Make sure to grab a friend to introduce them to a new way to do lunch. A brighter, happier way with the ENTERTAINER app!


Amanda Rosowski