Keeping It Local With The Spiritualist

Where does your food come from? If you stop and think about it long enough, do you know the answer? If you buy your produce from the supermarket, how many of you know where it’s been or how far it has travelled?

Tricky, huh? We’re on a mission to highlight the value of eating locally. Starting with these seven benefits.

Locally grown food tastes better

Food grown locally is picked when ripe instead of being harvested early and flown across the world to sit on the shelf at your local supermarket.

Eating local food is seasonal

News flash: strawberries don’t grow all year round. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are to die for. Grow your own or find a local market to get your supply. Seasonal produce is healthy and tasty.

Local food is packed with nutrients

Locally grown food has a shorter shelf life, which means it gets to your table quicker and it is less likely to lose nutrients. Food imported from overseas is older and sits in distribution centres before reaching the supermarket.

Local food supports the local economy

Money spent on local produce stays put. Instead of paying the supermarket to ship your food across the world, the money is given to farmers to reinvest in their businesses and the local community.

Local food reduces the chance of contamination

Food grown in another location and shipped to the UK has a higher chance of being contaminated. Food safety laws differ from country to country. When you eat locally, your food goes from farm to folk, no planes needed.

You know where your food comes from

You might not care where your apple comes from, but with shady supermarkets and horse meat scandals, it pays to be switched on when it comes to food. With locally sourced food, you know where it comes from and where it’s been, you can even ask your local farmer to show you around.

The Spiritualist – Glasgow

The Spiritualist is a Glaswegian cocktail bar and restaurant like no other. The Spiritualist support local farmers and source the majority of their products locally. Renowned chefs create seasonal dishes when fruit and vegetables are ripe. Quality of flavour is never compromised.

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Laura Marie Parker