Jom Tapau This Ramadan

Even though the MCO will likely prolong until the end of Ramadan, there’s no need to be sendu. Our merchants are here to feed you with Tapau Flash Offers! It’s a mix of your usual buy 1 free 1 deals or percentage discounts so that you can order anything and everything on a good bargain ?

Be sure to open up your ENTERTAINER app and click on the “Tapau” tile on the homescreen where we’ve conveniently housed all the gempak offers there! Here are some must tries for you to get started.

Jemi Cafe

Flash Offer: 25% Off Total Bill

Carl’s Jr.

Flash Offer: Buy 1 Free 1 BBQ Chicken Sandwich or Chicken Fillet Sandwich

La Risata

Tapau Offer: Buy 1 Free 1 Main Course

Tut’s Egyptian Eatery

Flash Offer: 25% Off Total Bill

Hugo’s KL

Flash Offer: 25% Off Total Bill

Download the ENTERTAINER App and use promo code MYHUB2020 for an extra-special 20% discount ?


Hanan Mas’od