Our Top 5 International Restaurants In Riyadh

When it comes to food in Riyadh, name it and you’ll find it. The city presents a world of cuisines to savour. From authentic Japanese sushi and Asian street food to traditional Arabian specialties and gourmet Indian, check out our shortlist of the ENTERTAINER’s hottest restaurants in our favourite capital!

Yōkoso -welcome- to Shogun

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel
Estimated Savings: SAR 120

Indulge in a variety of freshly made dishes and enjoy the live cooking stations at Shogun. A careful attention to detail is reflected in every aspect at this Japanese eatery, from the traditional menu to the architecture! Indulge and savour their sushi, as it is prepared from the freshest ingredients to satisfy your cravings!

Sail away your cravings at Shikara

Location: Al Rahmaniyah
Estimated Savings: SAR 45

This is the place to go and try sizzling plates of meat and seafood. Try various dishes served up with spices and marinated in karahi masala with coriander, sliced onions, and chillies! And as any traditional Indian restaurant, everything must be paired with freshly baked rotis, parathas, and naans. It’s a great spot for Indian food lovers and large groups looking for an affordable way to dine.

Tuck into the very best Chinese at Durrat China Restaurant

Location: Qurtubah
Estimated Savings: SAR 45

A simple take on Chinese dining, especially when it comes to the décor. Their Sichuan Beef soars in popularity among customers, while their Sweet and Sour Soup is also one of the most ordered appetisers! Offering a variety of rice and noodles to accompany your dish, and adding more flare and flavour to the meal. Use your ENTERTAINER to get a free main course while paying for another.

Bid your hunger farewell at Naya

Location: Movenpick
Estimated Savings: SAR 50

We couldn’t compile our list without mentioning Naya, a favourite for Lebanese eatery! Naya presents a classy and modern take on Lebanese food. With a superb location, and al fresco dining area, making it a popular hangout during the cooler months. Start your meal with a mix of cold and hot mezza platters and indulge in the main courses and grills. The Lebanese chefs ensure you have an authentic Lebanese flavour in every bite.

Don’t miss out on the Italian at Blue Signature

Location: Sulaymaniyah
Estimated Savings: SAR 50

Welcome to Blue Signature where the pizza live up to your standards! Enjoy your pasta al-dente prepared from the freshest ingredients. The menu reflects a typical Italian menu that includes famous dishes such as Ravioli filled with minced beef, served with a light Gorgonzola cheese sauce, and Lasagna with tomato sauce, minced beef, and Parmesan or Mozzarella cheese.

So hurry up, go out and enjoy the nice weather before the temperature rises and try out these fantastic restaurants. Bring your friends or family and use your ENTERTAINER to savour these delicious dishes. Don’t forget to let us know where did you go, and which one did you like the most!