Great veggie and vegan options in Edinburgh

Being a Veggie lover doesn’t mean you have to miss out on traditional Scottish food. We’ve got great veg and vegan options in Edinburgh for you to try, starting off with:


Snap up 2-4-1 on main menu dishes at Brewhemia today. Here they have a variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes infused with traditional Scottish cooking styles and flavours. We love the waffles here, abso lush!

Looking for something a little further from home? Then check out these must have stamps on the passport:

Mumbai Diners Club

The Mumbai Diners Club is renowned for fine Indian dining and has a massive vegetarian menu. Experience the taste of India without breaking the bank by using our 2-4-1 deal on main menu dishes. Presentation and service are 10/10 as well, I mean look at this perfect scoop:


Stopping in Italy? Italian food tastes amazing and is also known for having many exciting vegetarian and vegan options available. The best of both worlds we’re sure you’d agree. Vittoria On The Walk is one of Edinburgh’s best Italian food spots so tickle your taste buds with our 2-4-1 deal on their main menu dishes. We are just gobsmacked by their stuffed vegan aubergine:


But what about exploring Japan? Japanese cuisine is among the healthiest of food choices out there; one of the reasons for this is the inclusion of many delicious vegetarian options. If you’re on the hunt for good vegetarian Japanese food, give the award winning Kanpai a try and take advantage of our 2-4-1 deal on main menu dishes like Avocado Maki – skip the sauces to upgrade to vegan cuisine.

The Huxley

Is your final stop in the states? Well don’t panic your choices won’t be limited. Huxley has some tasty vegetarian choices sprinkled throughout their menu, so use our 2-4-1 deal on their main menu dishes and make sure you don’t miss out! We recommend the Sweet Potato & Chickpea curry:

Badger & Co

And back on home turf, looking for a place where the flavours are bold, the ingredients are fresh and the food showcases the best of Scotland’s culinary heritage? Look no further, Badger & Co has you covered. With several vegetarian/vegan dishes on offer, coupled with our 2-4-1 deal on main menu dishes, dining here is a no brainer. We’re feeling some dessert after all this, so how about the GF triple chocolate brownie?

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