Going on a Dessert Roadtrip: A Guide

Malaysians would go to great lengths to find the best food around town. We’re even willing to drive further out if there’s a new food or dessert craze that’s popping up on Instagram newsfeeds everywhere.

So, this weekend, how about gathering some friends and making the drive for some delicious desserts that’ll impress your sweet tooth? Here are a couple of offers from the ENTERTAINER, available in all the major states in Malaysia, to sweeten the deal even further.

Shugatori Dessert Café

Location: Damansara Uptown

Offer: 1-for-1 Main Menu Item

OK, what’s not to love about this place? With an interior that’s simply designed, wonderfully presented desserts, and friendly atmosphere, Shugatori excels from just about any angle. Their Red Velvet Pancakes served with lemon cream cheese are almost too beautiful to eat, and their signature Yin & Yang Waffles are both crunchy and soft at the same time. But don’t take our word for it; try it yourself. Confirm suka.

Vanilla Mille Crepe Café

Location: Paradigm Mall / Sunway Pyramid

Offer: 1-for-1 Main Menu Item / 1 for 1 Beverage

Why hello, crepe cravings. If you haven’t already, it’s time for you and your friends to indulge in layer after layer of heavenly yumminess that’ll somehow vanish from your plates in an instant. With enticing flavour options like Bamboo Charcoal, Tiramisu, Green Tea and Midnight Chocolate, it’ll be hard to choose which ones to order.

Illusion Chocolate Café

Location: Platinum PV128, Kuala Lumpur

Offer: 1-for-1 Main Menu Item / 1-for-1 Beverage

Drive a little out of town and you’ll find this precious dessert gem that’s made for chocolate lovers. With crepes, waffles, cakes, and other dessert options that are made or topped with chocolate from Belgium, the temptation is all too real. It’s perfect for a post-dinner treat but really, we all know that any time is a good time for chocolate, don’t we?

Max Icen Café

Location: Ipoh, SOHO

Offer: 1-for-1 Main Course

Making a food trip to Ipoh soon? Don’t forget to put this ice cream and fruits house on the list. Especially known for their shaved snow ice topped with delicious cut fruits, they also serve savoury meals and other desserts including waffles and sweet buns. After a day of exploring Ipoh, a Mango or Strawberry Bingsu is just the thing to refresh you. We promise – you won’t regret it.


Location: Johor Bahru

Offer: 1-for-1 Chimney Cake

Here’s a dessert place you won’t see every day. Serving unique Hungarian pastries, this place stands out in a sea of ice cream parlours that has swept over the nation. Their signature ice cream on crispy, golden brown chimney cakes will capture your heart from the very first bite, and with flavour choices like Matcha and Black Sesame, you won’t even need the extra condiments to know that this place is worth the drive.

Near or far, good desserts are made to be indulged in. So why deny yourself some sweet loving? Grab some friends and start saving with the ENTERTAINER.

Enjoy these offers and more when you renew your 2019 membership with the ENTERTAINER and stay up-to-date on new offers! Savers (always) have more fun!