Fast Food Favourites To Feast On This Fall

Fast food trumps fine dining this time. After all, some of the best food in the UK is served up on the street, and eaten with a plastic fork (or your fingers).

From burgers, fries, southern fried chicken to nachos, burritos and Indian street food, if you’re a foodie on a budget or if you’re having a cheat day, we’ve rounded up our fave spots to grab a quick bite this autumn.

Hip Chips – London, Soho

Potatoes haven’t always been so dull. Or yellow. The humble spud was once a very different beast. Hip Chips, a fast food place like no other, dig around for the best British heritage potatoes and turn them into hand-cooked crisps – the best in the world. Crisps are served with mind-blowing dips, made fresh each day.

Viva El Burrito – Leicester

If you’re in Leicester, check out the city’s top burrito place! Viva El Burrito brings the taste of Mexico and the vibrant Hispanic culture to the streets of Leicester. Here, you can pick up Latin American fast food favourites like tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and burritos of course!

Jaqk’s Chicken & Chips Co – Birmingham

Nothing screams fast food like deep fried chicken and salty fries. JAQK’S specialise in high-quality, fresh (not to mention tasty) fried chicken. Grab a chicken burger, wings, or a bucket load of fried chicken, on the bone or boneless. Chicken is cooked fresh daily and is free from nasty processed additives and preservatives.

Original French Tacos – Bristol

Bored with the same old fast food? In Bristol, there’s a new type of taco in town, and you can find it at Original French Tacos. A French taco is a bit like a Mexican taco that’s been dressed in your choice of sauce, smuggled into a burrito shell, passed through a panini press and tossed with French fries. Yum!

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Laura Marie Parker
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