Every Day Our Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day, yet another holiday that involves presents, food and controversy. Perhaps not as much of the latter as other special dates, but it has the eternal debate between Lovebirds and Single Awareness advocates.

At the ENTERTAINER we’re just going with the flow, and basically sharing the love! In fact, even when our app is not valid for this particular date, we have still some luv to gift away.


Some of our lovely merchant partners have pulled out all the stops and prepared some Valentine menus and specials worth stopping by (and, since they will be available for a couple of days after Valentine’s, worth re-tasting).


Jazz-inspired and Cordon-Bleu-influenced, Leadbelly is located in the up-and-coming area of London’s Canada Water. Live your best dock life with that special person, and enjoy romantic specials such as their Black Venus Risotto, their Passionate Mojito (pictures below) or a decadent chocolate mocha pot.

Extra <3 points if you stare into each other’s eyes while sharing dessert, or if you’re so comfortable with each other you don’t mind pointing at the chocolate stuck to your SO’s teeth.

Sapporo Teppanyaki

Glasgow’s top Japanese grill venue has put together a smashing Valentine’s menu, and they are extending it for a week after the 14th. You can choose between 3 set menus: Yasai , Akira & Geisha, each one filled to the brim with delicious Japanese dishes to suit everybody’s taste.

Make sure you book it, and start a competition between the flames of your undying passion and the ones that are Flambé-ing your food so nicely.

Banana Tree

Our favourite pan-asian venue has a lovely surprise, with a good those of secrecy. Make a booking at your preferred Banana Tree restaurant, and just whisper “Love Banana” to your waiter, and voilà, dessert on the house! (Limited availability, and please don’t forget to book!)

Cocoa Amore

Chocolates are a Valentine’s staple, but at Cocoa Amore they’re boosting their chocolate making this Love Week with a very special prize draw. Some of their chocolate bars will have a Golden Ticket inside, for a Chocolate Workshop experience for two! How’s that for a little incentive?

Go full Augustus Gloop mode and get an armful of chocolate delicacies (bring somebody, friend, family or lover, to help you carry everything and increase your chances to find the Golden Ticket).

With the ENTERTAINER app you always get a little extra love, just download it and register here for thousands of buy-one-get-one offers for the most amazing restaurants, beauty joints, attractions and hotel stays! Love on, Valentines! 


Amanda Rosowski