How To Save This Eid With ENTERTAINER Kuwait

Eid is just around the corner and we think we speak for all of us when we say, we can’t wait for the long break and much needed time off. Despite the holiday being announced mid-week, the buzz at the ENTERTAINER office is palpable with a firm countdown going on for numerous staycations and the excitement of being able to turn our scheduled alarms off for a whole week!

That being said, we need to remind you that your ENTERTAINER offers are NOT valid during Public Holidays but because we’re so awesome and our amazing partners understand that people want to spend their time off wisely, there is still a huge variety of offers and venues accepting vouchers over the holiday. How cool is that?

Where to enjoy the best savings during Eid?

Abou El Sid

Location: Daiya

Prime and Toast

Location: Multiple


Location: Al Rai

Al Dente

Location: Free Trade Zone

Seatle’s Best Coffee

Location: Multiple locations


Location: Farwaniya

Rib Eye

Location: Farwaniya

Tang Chao

Location: Salmyia

Ayam Zaman

Location: Farwaniya

Dunkin Donuts

Location: Multiple

Layalina Cafe

Location: Salmyia


Location: Kuwait City


Location: Multiple


Location: Daiya

L’Aroma Cafe

Location: Salmyia

That’s all for now but keep checking the App because new offers are constantly being added that you can use over Eid!