Easter And Beyond: A New World Of Chocolate

The arrival of the Easter season brings rows and rows of chocolate eggs in our local supermarkets. Other decadent confections make their way into the menus of our favourite restaurants, or perhaps our local coffee shops go wild with the bunnies, chicks and flowers in their latte art.

However, who decided that chocolate indulgence was just for Easter? Nah, that’s not the ENTERTAINER way at all, so we are here to let you know that it’s ok to treat yourself all-year-round. Even more when it’s in this choc-tastic places:

Mrs Potts Chocolate House

This dwarfed Willy Wonka factory has more sweet treats than you can shake a stick at (a stick you can shake in any of their hot drinks, as long as it comes with one of their home-made marshmallows). Their chocolate hot chai deserves a special mention, not only because it’s scrumptious, but also because you can make it vegan if needed.


Froyo hub Flavalanche has recently added bubble waffles to their menu, and they are a hoot. For those who have not yet tried them, they are fluffy pockets of sweet and warm dough, wrapped around your favourite fillings, dripping chocolate sauce… Too good to have it just for the Easter weekend!

Zebrano Bars

If the weekend is simple not about Egg Hunts for you, get a dose of adult indulgence with Zebrano Bars’ chocolate cocktails. Espresso Martinis are a thing of yesterday, White Choc Martinis are our new brew. Now, that’s a kind of fondue we don’t mind dipping into more often…

Forget about Easter, with the ENTERTAINER you can easily make a special occasion of any day of the year. Make sure you download it, and get started on all these chocolatey treats! Don’t worry, if all these sweet indulgence doesn’t sound healthy enough for you, you can always burn it afterwards at any of our fitness classes!


Amanda Rosowski
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