Cheung Sha Wan & Lai Chi Kok

You wouldn’t usually think of Cheung Sha Wan or Lai Chi Kok when considering trendy neighbourhoods to explore. But something’s happening in these two, adjacent districts of late. They’re experiencing a creative awakening. Fashion designers enthusiastically flock to Cheung Sha Wan to sift through wholesale fabrics. Meanwhile, in Lai Chi Kok, D2 is the up-and-coming social hub for creative types.

Whether you’re on a mission to find one-of-a-kind gems or wish to just casually check these places out for a change of scene, use the ENTERTAINER App as a guide. Buy one get one free offers abound to keep you going. Here are some of our favourites.

Tea Hub

It’s a pleasant surprise to find this charming spot amid the Sham Shui Po / Cheung Sha Wan bustle. It was opened by a lady who was a former investment banker and is passionate about drinking tea. From a range of herbal tea to milk tea and from Japanese-style to Chinese-style, you can find them all there. Combined with tea-inspired food (noodles in cold tea soup, anyone?), Tea Hub offers a fully immersive tea experience.

Address: Shop 2, 439 Shun Ning Road, Cheung Sha Wan

Offer: Buy One Get One Free Handcrafted Beverage
Estimate Savings: HKD32

Faraxoxo Cafe

Hong Kong’s first ever pink cafe – and whoever knew we needed one? – was founded by two sisters. This cool-to-the-eyes Instagram hot spot might strike you as girly at first, but they’re pretty serious about their food, too.  This unique cafe experience is definitely worthwhile checking out.

Address: Ground Level, 565 Fuk Wing Street, Cheung Sha Wan

Offer: Buy One Get One Free Main Menu Item
Estimate Savings: HKD82

Second Bite

As if to prove that Cheung Sha Wan isn’t just all just “warehouse chic,” here comes Second Bite with an enticing proposition of boodle seafood bar & grill! Some of the Chef’s Specials include Banana Leaf Seafood Plate, Shrimp Juice Seafood Italian Flat Spaghetti, Canadian Tomahawk Pig Saddle… shall we keep going?

Address: Shop C, Shop 6, Ground Level, Cheung Fai Building 45 Cheung Wah Street, Cheung Sha Wan

Offer: Buy One Get One Free Main Course
Estimated Savings: HKD220

Holly Brown Coffee Roasters

Tired from walking around? Refresh yourself at Holly Brown’s flagship outlet. Their gelato is the stuff of legend – because just look! But beyond being eye-poppingly epic, their gelato also contains 50% less fat than many premium ice creams. They import the finest, natural ingredients from Italy which are made from real fruit sans preservatives or artificial flavouring.

Address: G01, G/F, D2 Place Two, 15 Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok

Offer: Buy One Get One Free Gelato
Estimated Savings: HKD58


This izakaya offers grilled meat and vegetables, fried items, sashimi and rice bowls. They’re all delicious and the ENTERTAINER App has buy one get one free food offers here, as well. But what we’d like to helpfully show you are the beverage offers – because at the end of a long day of exploring, we’re guessing you’re tired and thirsty. Kanpai!

Address: Shop 109, 1st Level, D2 Place Two, 15 Cheung Shun Street, Lai Chi Kok

Offer: Buy 2 House Beverages, Get 2 House Beverages Free
Estimated Savings: HKD100

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James Gannaban