Sombreros Are Optional: Happy Margarita Day

Arriba, muchachos! It’s National Margarita Day and after a whole week of work we are salty enough, just as sour and feeling ice-cold about deadlines and email chains. We want to party, c’mon!!

The mythical origins of the Margarita cocktail locate it in the States, when people had to make their Daisy cocktails (margarita means daisy in Spanish) on the other side of the border, due to Prohibition. The Daisy cocktail uses brandy, which wasn’t that easy to find in Mexico, so tequila found its way into the recipe.

The first official Margarita recipes appear in the late 1940s, and it’s been a banging success since then, with three different serving instructions – straight, on the rocks or frozen.

For this special day, home-made just won’t do… So, where can we go to satisfy our margarita cravings?

The Basement – Edinburgh

The mission of The Basement is a simple one: bring traditional food, made with local produce and family recipes, to as many people as possible. Which is why the dining experience there is so amazing. For starters you can order their guacamole, which gets made from scratch at your table, in a traditional stone pestle. No ad-ons, just humble fresh ingredients, are The Basement’s signature.

That, and their smashing cocktail list, which include some rare liquors, DO tequila and mezcal, and of course, as you can see on the video above, the best Margaritas!

Cocina – Swansea

Cocina is the place to go for some rowdy times with your friends! Amazingly fresh and zingy Mexican food, a cocktail menu that will make you feel like a kid in a candy store, and wait for it: a mechanical bull! (advised to try it before the food arrives and maybe after a couple of drinks).

You can have their Margaritas classic or hibiscus flavoured (as pictured), which adds some extra freshness to your Happy Hour!

Cafe Sol – London

More tex-mex than just mex, Cafe Sol is a warm, fun venue in the heart of Clapham. Their burritos, tacos and sizzling meats are to die for, but their ribs and wings deserve a special mention *drools*

Get your margarita at Cafe Sol straight up or frozen (we love it frozen, but careful, it goes down quicker!)

Get your ENTERTAINER apps ready for a great night out, and loads of complimentary drinks and mains (eating is not cheating in our book). Salud!!


Amanda Rosowski
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