Cape Town’s Pet-Friendly Restaurants

Cape Town’s pet-friendly restaurants are the best kind of restaurants. Because it is just so, so, hard to leave your little bestie at home. Those puppy eyes. That little whine. The way he watches you leave from the front door. And then, to top it off, you get home and the little guy is sleeping where you left him. Waiting. Wai-ting. It’s enough to keep you at home forever.

Well, pooch owners in Cape Town, rejoice! Gone are the days that hoomans go gallivanting without their (fur)babies. We’ve put together a list of Cape Town’s pet-friendly restaurants (where you can use your ENTERTAINER, nogal) because, well, doggos rule.

SOTANO | Mouille Point

Sea view. Cappuccino. Delish 2-for-1 meal. (Insert pup’s name).  Almost seems too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. This is literally what Sotano offers and it’s just across the road from the promenade, which means your fur-baby can squeeze in a bit of exercise before brekkie.

THE DOCK ON THE BAY | Gordon’s Bay

Cape Town’s pet-friendly restaurants don’t get cooler than The Dock in Gordon’s Bay. It’s the perfect salty sea dog’s hangout. Come and enjoy a colourful cocktail, grab some grub, and let your pooch mingle with the laid-back lads of Gordon’s Bay.

ROXY ALL DAY | Gardens

Roxy All Day is the perfect spot for the more eclectic doggo (because Cape Town’s pet-friendly restaurants don’t discriminate). This gorgeous coffee shop loves dogs, kids and good vibes.

HQ | Cape Town CBD

Date night for 3, did you say? Yes, 2 at the table, 1 on the floor. Because you just can’t let Bruno miss out on a perfectly cooked medium-rare steak with his favourite couple. HQ makes for the perfect (pet) date.

HUDSONS | Gardens

Don’t let your whining pets affect your Friday evening plans. Enjoy a cheeky Friday cocktail at Hudsons with your normal friends, and your furry ones.

The coolest part is that there’s more. Lots more.

To find the full list of Cape Town’s pet friendly restaurants on the ENTERTAINER, simply click on a category > View All > Filters > Amenities > Pet-Friendly > Woof! (That’s your pooch barking with excitement).


Kate Dahl