Cape Town Easter: How To Make It Egg-cellent

It’s gonna be a cracking, sunny-side-up kind of Cape Town Easter weekend, guys! And we’re dying to tell you all about the egg-citing activities to make it count. Also, you can most certainly egg-spect more of these punny yolks from my side. I’m only getting started, lol.

*Remember, you can’t use your ENTERTAINER App on public holidays. Yep, this includes Friday and Monday, too. But you already knew that ? And, if for some odd reason you find yourself in Gauteng for Easter, this is for you.

Thursday | Be Eggs-tra

We all know that a Cape Town Easter starts with post-work drinks on Thursday already, duh. You can sleep in tomorrow morning, which means that tonight will be worry-free. Hakuna Matata. (On that note, only two months to go until the new Lion King premiere, guys!)

Friday | Be Good On Good Friday

Today is your chance to sleep in ’til whenever you’re ready to get out of bed. You do you, and don’t for a second feel bad. You miiight just want to at least leave a ‘Hoppy Easter‘ note with a choccie on your flatmate’s pillow. But that’s the only time you’re allowed to get out of bed, OK? And, give your App a rest today too – it’s all hopped out.

Saturday | Beat It

Get up, get dressed and get out (not in a rude way, promise). One day in bed was more than enough and you can actually use your App today. Yay! So, start off with brekkie at Roxy All Day or The Larder (for those who live in the deep south ?) and take the rest of the day as it comes. Who knows, maybe you decide to be a bit ‘touristy’ and go for a ride on the Cape Wheel, or simply enjoy the beautiful view of Table Mountain at Cloud 9 or Boardhouse.

Sunday | Hoppy Easter

Whether you’re into the whole egg hunting thing or just like eating the chocolate afterwards, today WILL be an egg-filled, choc-filled, fun-filled day for you and your family. Embrace and cherish it, because you’re all gonna be in sugar comas later. YOLO and ENJOY.

Monday | Rest A Lil’

Because you were physically not able to have a proper conversation with your family after all the Easter eggs yesterday (no judgement over here), it might be a good idea to try again today. You know, family time is important. On the sunny side of things, you’re not stuck in traffic on your way in to the office, so the day is already looking sp-egg-tacular.

Why not pack a picnic basket with the leftover hot cross buns and head over to the nearest park. The kids can run around freely while you and your partner read a book or just CHILL together. If I were you, I’d throw in a bottle of wine or two, just because it’s the last holiday-day.

Tuesday | Back To Work (And All Out Of Puns)

Back to reality. You’re probably crashing hard from all the sugar, aren’t you? You’ll definitely need coffee today to fix that, especially since you have a full day of work ahead of you. Head over to Dapper (yep, they open at 7 am, so you can totally squeeze this in before work) for that perfect cuppa and their Smashed Avo brekkie special.

You’re obvs gonna have to book a massage after the very stressful Cape Town Easter weekend you just had ?

That’s all from me, yolks. And remember, it’s only a 4-day week again ?