6 Quirky Cafés for Your Quick Fix

The café scene in Malaysia is booming and grooving, and we’re really happy to see cute spots pop up all over from Penang to Malacca, and even all the way to JB. But there are a select few who go out of their way to bring you a unique concept or theme that makes them stand out. Plus, it helps that they serve a mean cup of joe.

Here are six of the ENTERTAINER’s picks, with 1-for-1 deals on Main Courses or Beverages. Go and get your fix.



Nestled in between old shops and buildings lies a charming little café with an eccentric interior full of quaint décor items like washed-out walls, interesting quotes, murals, and lamps of all shapes and sizes. Nostalgic keepsakes adorn every corner, and the café constantly has a mix of people from everywhere engaged in the art of chilling. Head over for a quick fix, or bring a notebook with you in case the place sparks some creative thoughts!


We absolutely adore this place! *Swoons*. Located on Jonker Street, The Daily Fix has a rustic, gorgeous interior that screams vintage, bringing more charm to the already famous street. Luscious plants and greens give the place an even more relaxed vibe, with the baristas busily crafting their drinks in the background. Serving up the usual delicious coffee varieties, this café is also known for their amazing Pandan Pancakes.


If you want to try coffee from all around Malaysia, it turns out that you only have to go as far as Malacca! Calanthe is a charming little joint full of vibrant décor items like rattan furniture and quirky trinkets, but it’s their wide selection of coffee that takes the cake. Here, you’ll be able to try coffee beans and specialty coffee from 13 states around the country, so you may be tempted to order more than one. Give their laksa a try too. It was voted one of the top 50 laksa outlets in Malaysia.


This place is SO. PRETTY. It’ll be like you’ve stepped into another world on Jalan Dhoby – a garden decorated with nature’s finest florals and leaves. Everywhere you look, you’ll find something that’ll make you gasp because of how good it looks, and yet, everything is elegantly simple, relying on nature to do what it does best: be beautiful. With its gorgeous, blooming décor, you’ll find yourself snapping endless photos, but we totally advise you to take some time to enjoy your yummy coffee and smell the roses, as they say.


We know it’s going to be hard to peel you away from your kopi ping, but Aud’s is definitely a must-try the next time you’re in the quaint Ipoh. It’s a rustic, heritage café that serves up simple, homecooked dishes, and excellent coffee that’s best enjoyed in its cosy setting. For non-coffee drinkers, you also have the option of delicious and healthy fruit smoothies and cakes. As usual, Ipoh never disappoints, and Aud’s Café is one of the reasons why.


Laundry and coffee. What an odd combination. But when Laundroluxe does it, it’s a weird combination that somehow works. Located at the heart of Kota Kinabalu at the Api-Api Centre, the café sports a minimalist style of décor, with extremely delicious food and drinks, and friendly and attentive waiters ready for you. Their attention to detail comes across in the freshly brewed coffee and aesthetically presented dishes. Go for the laundry service, stay for the coffee. Or vice versa!

Wow! That’s quite the list, isn’t it? We can’t wait to pay another visit to these quirky joints ourselves. Download the ENTERTAINER App to enjoy deals at these awesome café spots, and do bring your friends along! We hope to see you there ?