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Here at the ENTERTAINER we think we’re doing a pretty good job of making your life more enjoyable with the hottest buy one get one free offers from across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. With a huge selection of quality venues, the ENTERTAINER has something to offer everyone!

However, we don’t like to sit back and relax, we are always trying to find new ways to make your experience better. What helps us do that? Feedback from all of you! With that in mind, we’ve taken all of your thoughts and ideas about our App and have made some really big improvements and updates. We know you’re going to love it just as much as we do. After all, you’ve helped us design it! Take a look here at some of the exciting new features!

Enhanced Homepage

We’ve spruced up our homepage and as well as being super easy to navigate, we also think it looks fantastic! So, what changes might you notice?

  • The first thing you now see are your estimated savings so far for the current year.

the ENTERTAINER App homepage

  • Swipe left and you’ll see even more info on how many offers you’ve used and how many Smiles you’ve earned (more on Smiles to follow!).

smiles-balance - the ENTERTAINER App

  • Click on any of the category icons to discover all of your available offers.
  • Or you can use the ‘Quick Search’ function in the top right of the screen – using keywords such as brunch, pizza, or by the venue’s name.
  • If you scroll down you’ll find the More to enjoy and Featured sections. By clicking on these you will find recommended offers for you, monthly offers and much more.

the ENTERTAINER App more to enjoy section

Next up are your offers!

In each category you will find your offers. These are listed out by venue and are displayed based on proximity if you let the App use your location. Your offers are broken down as follows:

  • “All Offers”: the default view on the top left contains the full list of venues in this category that have offers available for you.
  • “Monthly”: is a list of exclusive member offers that are available to you for that month only.
  • “New”: is the list of new venues that are added to the App throughout the year.
  • “Buy More”: shows you the full list of all offers that are currently locked and available for purchase via an ENTERTAINER product

the ENTERTAINER App monthly offers

After some more details?

  • You can easily discover all of the details you might need to know about the place you want to visit (e.g, contact details and offers available), and save that venue as a favourite for ease next time you want to go!

the ENTERTAINER App homepage


We really want you to get the most out of your ENTERTAINER. So, we decided to give even more love back to you by introducing ‘Smiles’. Smiles is a virtual currency system that works a bit like a rewards or loyalty program. You can earn Smiles in many different ways and as you use the App you will easily see how many Smiles you are earning. What do Smiles get you? A whole host of new fantastic options! Here’s how you can earn them:

  • Redeem: Earn Smiles for every offer you use.
  • Share on social: Share your savings, badges earned or venues with friends on social media and earn 200 Smiles every time.
  • Refer a friend: Earn 500 Smiles when your friend downloads and registers the Entertainer App and earn a further 2,000 Smiles if they make a purchase (their first purchase only).
  • Levels and Badges: You receive 200 Smiles for every badge you earn, and 500 Smiles every time you move up a level.

How can you spend your Smiles?

  • Top up offers: If you’ve used all of the offers for your favourite venue you can now buy back an offer for 1,000 Smiles.
  • 10 Extra Pings: If you want to keep pinging offers to your friends then you can now get an extra 10 pings when you spend 1,000 smiles!

the ENTERTAINER App profile page

Remember your smiles do expire 13 months after you earn them so be sure to check out how you can use these to grab even more benefits in your App.


We like to think a little bit of competition is healthy! So how about connecting with your friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to compete over the highest savings. With connected accounts you can track your friend’s savings and compete to be the highest earner on the ‘Leaderboard’ for true bragging rights!

the ENTERTAINER App leaderboard

Or, if you have friends who you know are not using the ENTERTAINER why not refer them and earn Smiles for you to spend on even more benefits? Simply tap on REFER A FRIEND and again share the link via email, SMS or social media to invite them to download the ENTERTAINER. We will reward you with 500 Smiles if your friend downloads and registers an account with us, and we will reward you with a further 2,000 Smiles if they purchase an ENTERTAINER of their own. So go on, why not refer someone today and start earning!

The notification centre

notifitcationThe bell icon in the bottom navigation is a link to your notification centre. Here you will find your latest news, as well as any important updates or messages we have for you. You will see a red alert when you have a new notification to read.

Your favourites

favouritesThe star icon is where all the venues you have marked as Favourite are stored, for quick access later on. It’s also where you can view all the offers you have been Pinged by your friends.

My profile and account settings

profileThe avatar icon is a link to your Account Profile.  On the first tab you can see an overview of your activity and savings, view the levels and badges you’ve earned and see a list of products you own. The second tab is all about Smiles, you can see your Smiles balance and what you can spend them on. The third tab is all about connecting with your friends and earning extra Smiles by referring friends.

settingsIn the top right-hand corner is the Settings icon. Here you can double check the information we have on file for you, reset your redemption PIN, register any VIP keys, access our Live Chat team for help, review the Rules of Use and much more.

Shopping Cart

shopping-cartThe last icon on this bar is the shopping cart where you can browse all the global ENTERTAINER products available for purchase.


So there you have it! Our amazing updated App! Thank you to everyone for their feedback, we really believe this has been a team effort with you guys at the very forefront. So, what are you waiting for? Download or update the App now to see all of the exciting new features!




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