Dubai Instagram Photographers We Love!

With jaw-dropping architecture, powder soft beaches, and cloudless skies, Dubai is a very photogenic place to be. If you’re an Instagram addict like myself then you need to be following these amazing photographer’s Instagram accounts based in Dubai.


Have you ever taken a photo of the stunning view in front of you and said, ‘my photo doesn’t do it justice’. Well, @dennisstever’s photos do. He effortlessly captures the stunning beauty of the places he encounters and makes you want to be right there with him in that moment.


Known for showing the real side of Dubai, Herald takes amazing photos of everyday surroundings and objects you usually take for granted. Expect to see buildings, nature, people, and art like never before.


If you don’t like heights then look away now! These shots are simply breathtaking. Not only will you see Dubai from the ground up but you’ll also get to see what Dubai looks like from a height. Pixelville has been granted access to some of the highest buildings in Dubai so expect to see shots of people balancing dangerously close to the edge. Simply amazing.


Take a look at @_mj66’s Instagram account and you’ll see exactly why he has over 150 thousand loyal followers. With eye-catching photos of dramatic skies, reflections in inky blue waters and snapshots of Emirate life, he captures life in its natural beautiful state.


This account makes you realise just how small we are in this giant, magnificent world we call home. Shots of rippling sand dunes, skyscrapers poking through clouds and snow covered mountains will give you an appreciation of nature and remind you of all the wonderful things in our world.


Jerome is a photographer who loves to capture the edgier side of Dubai. Expect to see industrial spots used at artistic backdrops, graffiti artwork, and magnificent lines and curves of beautiful architecture. You’ll never look at a building, staircase, or road in the same way again.


Wow wow wow. A few words to sum up Yaku’s photos. His use of vibrant colours and attention to detail are simply out of this world. He takes everything Dubai is famous for, such as the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa, and showcases them in all their statuesque glory.


A collection of the best shots of Dubai taken from people from all over the world. This account is a real celebration of our community and reminds us all just how fabulous Dubai is.

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