How To Start Your Morning Right

Who else spends their mornings continually hitting the snooze button? Or reluctantly flinging back your cosy duvet cover and stomping in a delirious state to the coffee machine?

How you start your morning can have either a positive or negative effect on the rest of your day. With just a few small tweaks you can create an amazing routine which will set the tone for a positive, focused, and more enjoyable day. Here are my top tips to have you falling in love again with those early mornings!

Limit screen time

I used to reach for my phone as soon as my eyelids fluttered open. Minutes wasted just scrolling through various social media accounts, clicking notifications, and checking work emails. But setting a small amount of time just to wake up naturally without your phone screen shining brightly into your eyes will make the world of difference to you, and your retinas. I now spend those extra minutes doing something I actually enjoy. Like reading a chapter of my new book that’s been sat on my bedside table for months.

How to start your morning right: Limit screen time in the morning

Drink warm water and lemon

Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee or a pint of ice-cold water first thing in the mornings, enjoy a cup of warm water with lemon. It’s a great way to re-hydrate your body after 8 hours of sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Warm water with lemon has also been said to have lots of other benefits such as boosting weight loss, improving digestion, and clearing skin. With those benefits, it’s worth a try surely!

Drink warm water with lemon to start your morning right

Practice yoga

Lots of us spend the day shackled to a desk, so a great way to wake up your muscles and your mind is to do some gentle stretching or yoga first thing in the morning. If you don’t have the first clue about asana or child’s pose then do a little research beforehand on Instagram. It’s a sure-fire way of getting you ready for whatever the day ahead brings.

Plan your morning the night before

There’s nothing worse when you’re running late for that important meeting and you remember you have to iron your work shirt and pack your lunch. A little prep the night before such as packing your bag and gathering up everything you need to leave the house such as your keys, wallet, and phone will reduce stress during the mornings and leave you feeling less frazzled.

Put all your bits and pieces you need for work in a place yu'll find them easily

Eat a balanced breakfast

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what you chose to eat (or not!) first thing in the morning can seriously hinder or help fuel the next hours ahead. A healthy balanced breakfast such as an omelette, poached egg, or Acai Bowl will give you energy, keep your blood-sugar levels steady, satisfy your appetite, and set the stage for good decisions all day long.

Plan something for the end of your day

I know if I have something fun to look forward to at the end of the day I’m more eager to start my day. Whether it’s a catch up with your best friends, a nice meal out, a cosy night in, or simply walking the dog, make sure you have a plan for your evening. It’s important to get the balance between work and home life right so make the most of those evenings by planning first thing in the morning.

drinks with friends

There you have it a few ways to supercharge your mornings. Give it a go, you may find you’re a morning person after all!




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