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Sharing Your Account

You hear us talking about how you can share your account with family but how do you do this? It’s super easy. All your family need is your username and password and they can log into your App via their device. They will see all the same offers that you see and be able to redeem as and when they need.

Your Entertainer account can be shared on up to 10 devices – but we recommend you only share it with close family members as they have access to all of your offers. The devices sync on our system so if another user redeems an offer it will no longer be available to anyone using that account.

Register a VIP Key

A VIP Key is a code that unlocks an Entertainer product on the App. You may receive a VIP Key in the following instances:
• You’ve received the Entertainer as a gift
• You’ve purchased the Entertainer in a retail store
• You’ve been given a complimentary product from a brand

So how do you activate it to access your offers?

> Open the App up and go to your profile page > Click on the Settings icon in the top right hand corner > Select VIP Key > Enter your VIP Key carefully and hit ‘Done’.

That’s it. It may take a few minutes to refresh, but your offers will now be available to you under the ALL OFFERS tab.

Reset Your Password

If at any time you forget your password or want to simply reset your password you can select ‘Forgot password’ on the sign in page.

Reset Your Password

We will send a password reset link to the email you registered with within a few minutes. Be sure to check your junk mail if you don’t receive the email in your Inbox.

That’s it, we’re here 24 hours a day to answer any further questions via the help section in your app on via Live Chat on our website!  Here are more details on how to contact us 🙂

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