A Summer Day in Franschhoek

There’s something about summer in Franschhoek. I mean, it’s a beautiful place all year round, but when the sky is unbelievably blue and the mountains shimmer in the heat… cue the feels. So, one fine December day, we gathered some of our fave blogger friends and headed out for a day of wine in the sunshine.

But first, coffee.

And The Larder’s  famous cinnamon buns. Because it was early on a Saturday morning, and we needed to line our stomachs.

Caffeinated and just a little bit sticky from (far too many) cinnamon buns, we hopped onto our shuttle and began our journey to destination #1 – Babylonstoren.

If you haven’t been to this wonderland of wine yet, we can’t be friends. Babylonstoren is like nowhere on earth – the gardens are a maze of beauty, and we could’ve easily spent the whole day there. However, the adventure continued…

After a truly fantastic tasting, a guided tour through the cellars and a gentle stroll through the mind-blowing surrounds, we headed to the Franschhoek Motor Museum.

Do yourself a favour and check this place out! The owner’s passion can be seen in every perfectly polished hubcap. I had to be dragged away from the Merc (can someone lend me R13.5 mil?). But wine awaited.

(And food.)

After an exhilarating ride on the Franschhoek wine tram, we stepped into the magnificent cellar of Anthonij Rupert for an MCC tasting at Terra Del Capo. This was followed by an antipasti spread like no other, paired with copious amounts of delicious wine. We were in heaven.

Suddenly, it was after four and time to head back to Cape Town. Full, sleepy, and happy, it’s safe to say that the shuttle ride home was rather quiet 🙂

Thank you!

Huge hugs to our incredible sponsors for the day – without your wonderful hospitality, our little adventure would not have been possible. We’ll be back for your fireplaces, misty views and warming reds in winter. Because there’s no bad time to visit our very own corner of France.