6 Bloggers, 6 Activities, 1 Full Day Of Awesome

I love exploring my city. Cape Town is endlessly inspiring, and after years of living here, I still don’t think I’ve seen half of it. So, when we decided to hop on a shuttle with six bloggers and tackle six different activities in one day… I was like, #lifegoals.

Destination 1: Kenilworth Karting

They say adrenalin works better than coffee. I was skeptical, but after one lap around the track at Kenilworth, I felt like the Stig on steroids. (And it was only 10am.)

Destination 2: Volare at Peddlars & Co

Go-karting is hungry work, guys! After a sweaty few hours of tearing up the tarmac, a decadent lunch was in order. We headed to Chef Brad Ball’s celebrated restaurant, Volare, where we were treated to a long, lazy meal.

Destination 3: Eagle’s Nest Wine Estate

It’s Cape Town, so obviously we had to include wine tasting in the itinerary. Eagle’s Nest is famous for their Shiraz, and I can confirm that it tastes like liquid heaven. Plus, their laid-back garden was the perfect spot to soak up the afternoon sun.

Destination 4: Mischu Coffee

What do Capetonians love just as much as wine? COFFEE. At this point in the day, we were all feeling a bit magies vol, oogies toe – so a trip to Mischu was very much in order. We promptly fuelled up on the coffee shop’s signature Isabella blend and were taught how to make our own latte art.

Destination 5: The Cape Wheel

As evening fell, we hopped aboard the Cape Wheel and marvelled at Cape Town’s beauty from above. There’s something about the twinkling lights of the harbour and buzz of the city below that always gives me the feels.

Destination 6: Meloncino

Were we still too full from lunch, wine and coffee to eat another morsel? Possibly, but this was a shuttle full of foodies, and we promptly made space for the deliciousness that is Meloncino. We tucked into their signature pasta, pizza and meat with fervour, and there was no better way to end the day.

Big thanks to these great spots for accommodating our crew! You can find them all on your Entertainer app. And of course, high five to the bloggers who took on our challenge. Kayli, Mark, Dean, Francis, Benike and Meg – ten activities in one day next time…?