Top Tips for Taking Awesome Food Photos on Instagram

Hong Kong, with its amazing food landscape of Michelin restaurants, cha chaan tengs, roadside stalls and a wide array of different cuisines has made foodies of us all. Dining is a huge part of our culture and the city’s wonderful food, worthy of the title “Gourmet Paradise”, has us standing on the tips of our toes or stepping on a chair just to get the perfect “view from above” photo. Social media and phone cameras that keep getting better and better not only feed our passion for food, it encourages us to be food photographers as well – capturing beautifully plated dishes and share it with our friends.

Well, we at the ENTERTAINER, happen to be huge fans of food photos on social media. We can’t think of a faster and better way to hear about restaurants we’ve never tried than seeing mouthwatering pictures on our Instagram feeds. So please, do carry on and snap away, and here are 5 tips to help you along the way:

Let there be light

The key to almost any good photo is good lighting. Try to shoot your food with natural daylight as much as possible, but not under direct sunlight as that may cause harsh shadows. A trick is to shoot next to a window using the indirect light coming through to illuminate your subject.

Play with angles

Probably not the best tip if you’re with hungry people, as you might need some time to change your positions to snap photos of your food from different angles – from above, the side, behind a glass or the edge of the table, you might be surprised with what you come up with.

Show the ‘making of’

Showing how the food was cooked, plated and garnished is like an invitation to the viewer to join you in creating this work of art. It also makes your pictures livelier, like the viewer is actually there with you seeing the dish made in real time.

Consider your color combos

Color combinations play an important role in the composition of your photos. Every combo evokes a different feeling, mood, even a memory from the viewer. A bright, colorful salad can be the picture of summer, while the earthy colors of a squash curry might remind one of autumn.


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