Indian Street Food At INDI.GO

There are many things you instantly think of when you hear the word India. I know that the first things that pop into my head are the jaw-dropping Taj Mahal, the hectic streets laden with traffic weaving in all different directions, the sea of beautifully decorated sarees, and the wide range of delicious flavours and aromas of street food on offer.

Street food is an imminent part of the Indian eating out culture and is the main thing that makes India such a colourful and vibrant country. Unfortunately, as much as we’d all love to board a plane and head straight to India when a craving for an authentic chicken jalfrazi takes over us, it’s just not practical on a daily basis (unless you suddenly win the Lottery).

But fear not, that’s where INDI.GO comes in. Famous for bringing India’s authentic, vibrant and colourful heritage and cuisine to Shoreditch, INDI.GO is a restaurant which will transport you to the bustling food markets of India… All without the hassle of locating your passport you put in a safe place never to be seen again.

We were lucky enough to visit along to INDI.GO where they showed us a little bit more about what goes on at their lovely restaurant.


If you too fancy a trip to India within trendy Shoreditch then make sure to pay a visit to INDI.GO. Remember to use your 2 for 1 offers on a main course or a tea or coffee with your ENTERTAINER!


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