You Asked. We Listened! Delivery Is Here!

We listened, and we heard your cries loud and clear. We have done the one thing you’ve all been asking us for. The thing that lets you stay in your pj’s all day, the thing that requires no washing up, the thing that doesn’t make you leave the house. That’s right people, DELIVERY is here! And we couldn’t be more blooming excited!

If you’ve purchased the Dubai APP 2017 you can now get your favourite foods delivered fresh straight to your door. Some of our favourites include Miyabi Sushi & Bento, S’wich, and Pizzaly. And of course, it wouldn’t be the ENTERTAINER unless everything was 2 for 1!

Better yet it’s super easy to use so you can start ordering straight away. Here’s how to do it!


Open you APP and go to your home screen. Then select the category Food & Drink.

Delivery tab

This is where you’ll see the brand spanking new DELIVERY tab. Simply click on this to see all of the amazing delivery options available.



Click on the place you want to order from and you’ll be able to see all of your offers, plus the delivery menu.

Call the restaurant

Then call the restaurant, make sure they deliver to your area, place your order and make sure to mention your ENTERTAINER offer.

Redeeming your offer

You’ll either be asked to enter the PIN and read out the code on the phone.

Or, you’ll be asked to enter your PIN for the driver when your order arrives.


Put your feet up, press play on your favourite DVD, and dive into your food! It really is as simple as that! So, only one question remains. What are you eating tonight?