Delivery Options To Make All Your Foodie Fantasies Come True..

As you all know by now, (unless you missed it and in that case where have you been?!) the ENTERTAINER now has a Delivery option. That’s right, if you’ve purchased the Dubai 2017 App or the Abu Dhabi 2017 App then you now have the perfect excuse to stay in, change into your joggers, put on your favourite DVD and veg out with your choice of food. Even better than that? Everything is, of course, 2 for 1! Here’s a round-up of a few of our favourite delivery options across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.



Sometimes you just want a burger and you want it now! Which is why we’re chuffed to see CaliBurger in our App! Straight from sunny Southern California, this burger doesn’t disappoint. Made by experienced chefs using fresh, tasty ingredients you’ll be grateful for your 2 for 1 ENTERTAINER offers as you’re guaranteed to want more than 1!

Miyabi Sushi

Fresh from the cosmopolitan streets of San Francisco to the modern Emirate of Dubai, Miyabi Sushi is a Japanese hotspot offering a wide range of menu varieties. Expect salads and light bites such as maki, nigiri, temaki cones and sashimi to a selection of ramen, fried noodles, donburi rice bowls and hotpots, as well as a few Korean dishes.

Debonairs Pizza

Who else ponders for hours on end about what they’re going to order on delivery only to order a pizza every time? But hey, we can’t be blamed for being predictable as pizza is, without fail, always a delicious option. And Debonairs Pizza is just the ticket for your perfect carb fest. Offering up a huge variety of thin-crust pizzas with almost every type of topping imaginable you’ll be safe in the knowledge that whatever you fancy you’ll be in for a treat.


Garlic sauce… Good, Bread… Good, meat… Good. Who else loves a shawarma? Well, apparently we’re not alone as this is the most popular Delivery option on our App so far! Lots of you have ordered from s’wich’s delicious menu with their hand-crafted, fresh shawarmas being at the top of the list. And we can see why as they’re simply delicious! Nom nom nom!

Abu Dhabi

Carluccio’s – Abu Dhabi

Hands up, who’s a fan of Carluccio’s? Ok, so that will be everyone then. Well, you’re going to be beyond excited to see it in your Delivery category! Delve into a selection of yummy Italian options such as focaccia, homemade lasagna or spaghetti carbonara, and finish off with lots of Italian sweet treats. Just don’t be surprised if you end up in a food coma! On the plus side at least you won’t be far from your bed!


If you haven’t tried Avasa yet then you’re seriously missing out. Serving traditional Indian cuisine but with a unique contemporary twist, Avasa is a treat you’ll be only too happy to indulge in again and again. With surprising twists combined with traditional tastes, unusual combinations of flavours and spectacular presentation this menu promises to take you through a journey of rich Indian culinary culture.

Pizza Di Rocco

Get ready to be transported to rustic Italy with Pizza Di Rocco. Delivering authentic Italian pizzas which are delicious, light, crispy, and fresh from the oven, Pizza Di Rocco is always a winning delivery option. Their delicious pizzas are prepared using a traditional hand-tossed base, topped with Italian herbs and fresh natural ingredients then cooked in a handmade cupola-style oven, Simply heaven.

Royal Orchid

For the Far Eastern cuisine lovers, Royal Orchid offers the very best selection of Thai, Chinese and Mongolian specialities meaning you can sample a little (or a lot!) of everything. But if you’re going to order 2 things then make sure you choose the Mei Goeng and the Thai Green Curry!

Make sure to check out your Delivery options within your Dubai 2017 App or Abu Dhabi 2017 App for more amazing options. Simply click on the Food & Drink category and select the Delivery tab. Or, for more info on just how Delivery works then check out our how-to guides. For those in Dubai click here, and for those in Abu Dhabi click here. Enjoy everyone!